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My Night-With A Pic

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

After work I rushed home to relieve ds from lil man duty so he could get ready for work...luckily lil man was sleeping so i started dinner and went to watch a little tv... couldn't find remote...hhhmmm... what did that lil man do with it...i look everywhere he would of turn on tv the old fashion then decide to start putting things up that he likes to play my trash can...and yea, guess what i remote... so get that out and clean it off, he then gets up and while i am finishing dinner, he starts taking things out of the cupboards...i only almost fell on my face a couple times!! i then set him in his seat to eat which he like most of...the chicken however he did not...and he would hide it in his seat beside him... what 1 year old does that?? this 1 year old does! i then get him out and clean him off...try to clean his seat while he is getting into other things.... including finding my candle snuffer and using it to play drums on my end big deal, i've had these tables since before my kids were born and when they were younger, i babysat a lot of kids...what harm could 1 little baby do... right??? can't scratch or dent these tables...but he did... then he decided it would be a good idea to play grandma like a drum...right on my cheek...ouch...taking a deep breath, i told him that was a no no and took away the candle which he then thought it would be a good idea to hit me for taking his new toy...Oh, and he also learned to blow his nose...on me!!! these are the days where i wonder if i am really made out to be a grandma...and then he flashes me that smile, and gives me a little giggle...and hugs me...yea, being a grandma is great...especially when the momma shows up to take the little angel home!!! lol.

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