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I think this is a sign!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I wrote a blog yesterday that I believe kind of got the ball rolling....uhh....maybe??? I was researching some stuff (dallas area triathlon coaches to be exact) on-line last Friday and just by chance I found a website in regards to triathlon coaching. I thought...hmm, this is probably one of those websites where the person used to be a coach and just forgot to remove or shut down their website (negative thoughts hanging around my head emoticon). I just kept on reading the entire site and finally just decided, eh what the heck and clicked on "Contact Us" and sent a message on the off chance I'd get an answer. Well, I checked my gmail on Sat., nothing emoticon (I wasn't anxious or anything), again on Sunday, still nothing emoticon . I finally just gave up and then today while at lunch, I decided I'd clean out my gmail box and to my surprise, there was a reply from that website. I waited till I got back to the office to read it in its entirety. Oh my, I thought, I wonder if it's just an email telling me this link is no longer exists (more negative thinking emoticon). I was was a reply from Coach Claire, the coach who owns this website. In my original email to her, I had asked her if she was still coaching and just gave her a little background about myself, not too much info. though. She replied that she was still coaching but she had moved from Dallas to Euless. She stated that she was still coaching on my side of town and YES, would definitely be interested in meeting over coffee to talk about my triathlon aspirations and how she might be able to help.

A little bit of my old self peeked out and in my inner athlete's soul, I was cheering....YIPPEE....finally something!!!! This look of joy, I just know, came over my face and a feeling of holy cow, could this be??? So I emailed her back and hopefully we will be meeting in 2 weeks over coffee to do just that, talk about my aspirations. emoticon

Sometimes, when you least expect it and you've exhausted all avenues or at least that's what I've been feeling lately...something just comes along and hopefully puts a smile on your face. This was one of those times for me ! I truly believe this might be a sign. We shall see. This brings to mind that song....Sign, sign.
Everywhere a sign.
Blockin' out the scenery.
Breakin' my mind.
Do this. Don't do that.
Can't you read the sign?

Even if it's just to discuss a program I can work with during the winter months while I recover from the herniatic disc issues I'm dealing with again I'm in! So that in 2013 I will be healthy and strong again for something big, be it another Oly or that half ironman I've been dreaming of...I can feel it! BRING IT BABY!!! I am not getting my hopes up too high but the fact that she is coaching someone at the lake near where I live might just be that sign and the fact that she answered my email so soon...well that is A SIGN! I'm praying y'all....I'm praying!

emoticon emoticon This is a win-win for me today! And it's probably not considered an NSV to most but in my book this is kind of an NSV!!!

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