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The Telekinetic Messages of Eggplant and Grapes

Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm gonna try and make this a long blog. But I'll title each section in case you are or are not interested in that topic.

So this week I'm focusing on resting. I'll still exercise some, but not a lot, maybe half as normal just to get in a walk and some push ups. On Saturday I ran for 10 minutes (well, 6 of those 10 minutes split into 3 minute intervals). And I knew my foot wasn't liking it. I moved onto my 5k walk, but even during that my feet were cracking a little bit. I was going at under a 16 minute per mile pace on average, so I may have been using my feet to forcibly still (I walked an entire 5k at a pace that I couldn't even run one mile for in the beginning). Today I didn't do anything but carry a bag of groceries from the car to the house. Tomorrow I may do a cardio video for a BLC 15 challenge.

Pizza "Binge"
Did I mention I ate a whole pizza on Sunday? :-O Well it's true, a whole large pizza. However it was a thin crust pizza made of fresher ingredients that weren't frozen (or so they say). 1/10th of a pizza was 190 calories, the whole pizza was 1900 calories. So split between two meals I ate 4 slices for Lunch and 4 slices for dinner, 950 calories each meal. For breakfast I had cereal and some fruit. My entire caloric intake for that whole day was around 2400. I can also say that today I didn't crave pizza(!) I also weighed this morning to see if any damage was done. Sunday I weighed 284. This morning I weighed 284.2. But on Sunday I weighed nude (yeah... tmi... but some of y'all talk about periods so take THAT! :-P) And that extra 0.2lbs couldn't have accounted for all of my clothes. That's where I feel water is coming into the picture. Eight cups is not enough for a guy that weighs approximately 280 pounds. Getting the amount of water that I actually need in a day is working wonders, so if you're reading this, THANKS ASHLEIGH for the water link!!!

Veggie Tales
I almost hate that word as much as I hate "freggie" (yuck!) But I didn't think I could do the "Rainbow of Fruits/Vegetables" challenge this week until I kept planting seeds into my grandmother's head that I wanted to try things today. We don't have blue fruit (or purple), and I had one apple left. But today my grandmother needed Half and Half for her coffee, so we wound up going to the store. And now I have A LOT of things to try this week. One being Beets. My grandmother actually ate the greens on top of them in her chicken tonight. I also have a fresh eggplant now that I may try and make an eggplant parm out of with some tomato sauce. There's a spaghetti squash that I'll add to some spaghetti, an idea I got from LiveDaily! I also now have a 5lb bag of apples and two bags of grapes. So this will be the week of the vegetable. I'm really not that bad with getting vegetables in during the day, I just don't care for salads. I actually think the idea of one is rather silly, I also hate salad dressings the most. I think I'll find this great flavor when I was little and it still tasted like vinegar, when I did eat salads along time ago, I got tired of trying dressings so I just used regular mustard, 0 calories and it's like eating a hamburger if you put meat in your salad. So now I don't eat salad when I diet, I just get the fruits/vegetables in other ways. (Tabouleh doesn't count, that's amazingness soaked in olive oil). Tonight I had a stir fry with celery, carrot, onion, peas, rice and chicken. The olive oil was a lot in calories but I'm still under calorie today! Around 2000.

Double Rainbooooow!
Well, not really.
Green - Green Beans, Honeydew, Peas, Celery
Red - Apple, Tomato Sauce (if that counts)
Yellow/Orange - Carrot
White - Onion
Blue/Purple - Grapes
8-9 servings of vegetables today. The BLC 16 goal was 5. I'm Baller.

I didn't get the internship, but today I applied for as many Design jobs as I could. I got through 6 in my area, and then I applied for jobs in "USA" I found for packaging... there was one that didn't require 5-10 years experience, but looking at it, there was no packaging involved in the requirements. Tell me again how that guy thinks I can start in that field? lol

I'm hoping this week creates a loss even when I'm not exercising. Hoping the vegetables help. And let's look at the bright side... I don't have to count sodium!!!! :-D

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You can do this! Your making great progress in some areas, pizza once in awhile is ok i assume just as long as it doesn't become a regular thing.
    2005 days ago
  • *MAMA*2*BOYS*
    Way to go on the FREGGIES!! You'll have to post how you liked the beets and eggplant.

    And I thought everyone weighed themselves nekkid...?

    I'm going to continue to pretend that 9 cups of water is plenty for me to be drinking. If I go look at your little calculator and find out that I should be drinking twice that, I'm going to lose it (most days it is HARD for me to get the 9 in!), so I am (for the time) remaining blissfully ignorant!
    2005 days ago
    Weigh naked, love your body, whatever it looks like now and know you're really gonna love it as your successes continue : )

    Good on ya for your forays into the foodie rainbow forest.
    2005 days ago
    Awesome! Firstly, I am super glad you are listening to your body and RESTING! It is JUST as important as training hard. Your body has to last you your whole life, so you better make friends with it now.

    Secondly, Way to go on all the new veggies! I also *hate* traditional salad, BUT am changing my tune since changing my view of a salad- and now I can get my husband to try them too. I now make "taco salad" with spicy hamburger, greens, sauteed onions, optional avo, and what not topped with sour cream. Like heaven. And I also like topping a tossed salad with hummus. It makes it creamy not slippery.

    There is a great post about salad on Canyoustayfordinner.com.

    rdly, I am willing to bet that 95% of people weigh in naked. Because those clothes COUNT! haha!
    2005 days ago
    2005 days ago
  • SONIA260
    a) this blog actually wasn't long enough after the warning
    b) water is definitely the key!
    c) I count tomato sauce nearly every day as a fruit/vegetable serving...and salsa!
    d) One of these days, you won't even be physically able to eat an entire pizza in a day
    e) Well, maybe you will...you are a guy after all....
    f) Talking about periods is waaaaaayyyyyyy worse than weighing in the buff!!!!!!!!!!!
    g) next time you need fresh groceries, you know to make the half and half mysteriously vanish.....
    h) now I know my ABC's.....hahaha no idea why I lettered my points!
    2005 days ago
  • PUNKY100
    Hahahaha see the difference is that being naked isn't half as horrible as having a period is. :-P

    Anyway, it sounds like your pizza binge didn't totally get you off track, which is awesome!!

    As for your fruits and veggies (since I said period, I won't say the other naughty word lol) that is great! I have not liked beets any time I have tried them, so good for you! Eggplant is awesome though :-P

    Good luck on the job front, I hope you find something soon! :-)

    I love how excited you are about not having to count sodium! It makes me laugh every blog! lol I also hope that you find success this week while you are being smart and resting!! :-D
    2005 days ago
    Okay, that last comment was a little vague. There seems to be a lot of goodness in my post, but I think my favorite part is all the fre--er, fruits and veggies you're getting in!
    2005 days ago
    Love it!
    2005 days ago
    The dude is expanding his food choices!!
    Of course you can count tomato sauce as a veg!
    Water is awesome!!
    2005 days ago
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