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My Weekend In Facebook Statuses

Sunday, September 23, 2012

In case you didn't know, I'm extremely Facebook active. Thought it might be fun for you to see my weekend, solely through Facebook statuses:


ZOMG, you guys!!! Ran 6.05 miles this morning with no ankle issues at all! Now...tapering for Fort 4 Fitness next Saturday. WOO!


Happy 10th birthday, Anika! You have been a diva from the moment you were born. You always loved to sparkle and you still do. But now you have also found your strength and are learning to believe in yourself. You are not only drop dead gorgeous, but you have the most empathetic heart. You are fabulous and you love others. You love to learn and you love to teach. What an amazing young lady you are!


It is ridiculously beautiful outside today!!!! Also, I'll be honest...I have never been SO thrilled to go into a taper week. This old body is, frankly, exhausted. Been working so hard...definitely going to enjoy this little break.


Counting down the hours till I can lay down and go to sleep (5). Also counting down the days to Deep Tissue/Sports massage in Austin (25).


Good thing I've got like 500 calories left cause I'm about to destroy this rainbow birthday cake! ;)


Up at 6:30am on Saturday to run 6 miles. Up at 6:30am Sunday to bike 12 miles. This is getting ridiculous...who the hell is this crazy lady that has taken up residence in my body????


Best part of having a spa/makeover birthday slumber party? Getting to tell young girls that they are stunningly beautiful and definitely as pretty as a supermodel. ♥


OK, I absolutely can't wait 3 weeks. I am DESPERATE for a decent sports massage and I need it soon. So that means it has to be cheap. Like $30-$40. Please tell me this is possible. Someone. Please.



Awww no bike ride today. Running buddy wasn't feeling well. It's ok with me. I declare today a REST DAY..........except for hiking. heheheheh

emoticon this is how it's gonna be, huh??? One great run, then a week or two of recovery, icing, non-weight bearing and supplemental workouts of swim and bike to stay conditioned?

OK, fine. It's not the most desirable training plan and not your traditional half marathon prep...but there are a mere 3 weeks left and then I can completely revamp my entire training strategy, building in as much time as necessary for complete healing and weight loss.

Not the way I envisioned this racing season going...but I'll take what I can get. One thing is for sure...when I cross that finish line on October 20th, I might possibly be in a world of hurt...but it will be my greatest physical accomplishment of all time.

Until next year. ;)


Skyped with my Dad tonight. Just heartbreaking. The man needs a hug but there is no one to give him one. He's never been so vulnerable with me and it kind of tears up my insides. It's an awful thing to grow old and find that you are going to probably die alone. I had a sudden moment of thankfulness for Scott Drichel and it hit me...THIS is why you work hard to save a marriage. Because, no matter how hard it is now...when you're 67 and the kids are grown up...who will be by your side then? Wow.

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