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My Week in Review...Knowing and Action are NOT the same thing!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

"In life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action!" ~Anthony Robbins

This week...I read the above quote on my FB page from something or other. It kind of stuck with me and I think it applies so appropriately to weight loss! I KNOW how to do this program, I KNOW the pitfalls and I can probably even guide someone off a plateau...I have been doing this forever, along with other programs and learning about health. So why am I still heavy?

The simple answer is I miss ONE part of the program. The DO part! You have to DO the program to get results. You can talk about it until you are blue in the face, but like every 4.0 student has learned, theory and application are two different things! It is not enough to know how or what to do, you actually have to get off the couch, put down the cupcake and start working the plan.

Now...I have to admit, this didn't kick me in the pants until Tuesday, but I did lose -0.8 this week. That is great for me, especially since I am retaining what feels like several pounds of water due to sore muscles and it even hurts to sit down to tinkle! (I know, a little TMI). But, I also know I need to stay on track. This is usually where I lose the "DOING" part, after a loss (any loss) on the scale. I need to keep going.

I went to Zumba today and took the killer Zumba instructor, which I love, but was soaked when I left. I have tracked everything I ate today and wanted Mexican food, so went and got it. I still have most of it left because I am so full! But, I am going to hike Griffith Park tomorrow before I go to the Fair because I know that what I need to do to be successful. I do love exercise, that hasn't ever been an issue for me. It's being lazy and not getting off of the couch, truth be told!

I have to remember how blessed I am to have all my body parts that still function and make sure to use them! I know this sounds weird to say, but when I see someone with a disability scaling the same activity I am taking on, I feel ashamed. My body works and I am just being lazy. There is no excuse for that for me. I know better and I want to appreciate my abilities now and know that I am 100% capable!

Here is to another great week!

Don't lose focus, Kristi! Remember what you want your body to be able to do, how you want your body to feel and how much you can respect both yourself and your body if you treat it with love and kindness by giving it plenty of healthy foods, water and exercise! You are the only one that can change this life, so treat each choice you make honorably and don't forget to be mindful of your thoughts because thoughts become action/inaction!
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