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Stress, Decisions, and more stress

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I had another doctor appointment about the fibroids, it was actually a consultation about getting a uterine fibroid embolization done. I thought this was going to be the answer to all this pain and i would be able to have relief from the pain and all the other problems these fibroids are causing. However, the dr that i seen was very honest (which is good) about this procedure. He said it is more for woman who have alot of heavy bleeding due to the fibroids, whether its during their period or inbetween periods. I do have heavy periods, but never have any bleeding inbetween periods. With this porcedure, it has a 99% success rate to help woman with heavy bleeding, so while it would help my periods...the main reason I want treatment for fibroids is because of all the pain I have been having. For woman who get this procedure done due to pain, the success rate to relieve pain goes down to around 75%. Which is still high, but not as high as i thought it was. After the procedure, I will be in alot of pain for a few days, then the pain will be like bad period cramps, but after can be up to a year before i have relief from the pain with the fibroids. So there might be no relief even after recovery for awhile.
So now im back to considering a hyteroctomy, which scares me. The fact of having this surgery scares me for so many reasons. It does have its benefits, but it also has a lot of potentional side effects that will take me a long time to adjust to. But hysteroctomy is guaranteed to take the fibroids away, teh pain away, and no chance of fibroids ever coming back. But who wants to have surgery and be in the hospital for days and take possibly weeks to months to recover,
Its such a hard decision for me. Then there is the price...the embolization incliduding the MRi that is needed before i get this done, blood work, the procedure, and hospital stay is around 15,000 for everything. The hysteroctomy is atleast 7500 but can go up to 15000-20000, but the hospital typically told me it usually around 10000 depending on how long im in the hospital, and if there are any complications, etc. I have no insurance, but I have a 65% discount through the hospital so that defintly helps.
But i still dont know what to do. Surgery is so scary, but who wants to live in constant pain? Both things can have complications, but there are more with a hysteroctomy, but what if i get the embolization done and i still have pain a year later, and i need surgery anyways? But what if i get the embolzation odne and it works? That will save me from having surgery and the long recovery time. Ive been researching options and still have no idea what i should do. Its a hard decision to have to make.
Then to top off that stress...i have so much other stuff going on. There are alot of things going on wth my Uncle who im really close to...its a long story, but basically he has a lot of mental health problems, which more or less, made him go crazy, and he ended up in jail for it and now it looking at jail time for years unless they can get the judge to see that he needs help, not be thrown in jail. We are hoping they will admit him into a physciatric hospital where he can get the help he needs. But who knows what will happen. Theres a lot more to it, but thats the really short story, This has been going on for months and months, and since he has pschiartric problems, he turned to alcohol and is now an alcohlic on top of everything else.
It doenst end there. Yesterday, my husbands grandma passed away. Shes been in a nursing home for awhile, and hasnt been doing well for awhile, and we all knew this was coming, but it doesnt make it any easier.
Then somehow i managed to over withdraw the back account and i could have easily got caught up, but the bank says im going to have over $300 in bank fees, so thats alot and i have no idea how we are going to get caught up.
It will all be ok though. I sit here and i keep telling myself that, so hopefully, i will believe myself and stop stressing out so much about everything. Ive already been so stressed out about pain and the pain has almost been unbearable the last week or so, and today its even worse and now all of this is going on. It doesnt seem to end.
It helps blogging, it helps me think more clearly and deters me from stress eating, which i havent done today at all. Im off to take a nap, i did a strong pain pill so im struggling to keep my eyes open writing this.

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