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RIP, our little Angel

Friday, September 21, 2012

Today I've been doing laundry and taking care of other stuff.

Our son came home after school and in a little bit, he went outside to mow the yard, and discovered our little Angel, legs outstretched, laying on her side in the grass near the house, a peaceful expression on her furry little black face. We've been working on her grave hole by the trees that she frequently liked to sleep under. DS is taking it fairly well, all things considered. He doesn't remember when our cat Diesel died when he was only 11 months old, so that's been years now.

We've had Angel since around 2006. The older woman we got her from was going into an assisted living home in Texas. She was a friend of my mother-in-law (who had already moved to Kansas closer to us in 2005.). She had gotten Angel from the pound there in Oklahoma some 2 or 3 years earlier, after her previous dog Queenie had passed on. The pound had her because she had belonged to an elderly couple who had to give her up when they themselves were going into a care home. So it's anyone's guess how old she actually was, but the vet said she was starting to get cataracts. She'd had grey/white hairs in her muzzle a few years now. Still liked to go for walks but couldn't handle running any more. I'd just taken her to the vet last week to get her rabies shot, and just renewed her license at the local City Hall for another year...

Somewhere around, I think we have a photo of her... Will have to find and update this later. We think she might have had some Australian Blue Heeler or some Shelty in her? Long wirey coat, impossible to keep brushed down, and she always preferred to be outdoors, even in the winter.... so peaceful, never tangled with our cat. Never barked much. About the only thing that got her going was chasing the rabbits that dared to bound through the yard, and she'd set off a mad dash in hot pursuit, stopping only at the fence.

She liked to dig... and when she'd go to my mom's house to hang out with her "cousin" (Larry the Cable Dog, who is mostly lab and maybe husky? he's a BIG dog compared to little ole 18-19 pound Angel!), she'd dig. Well... we were out of town and then my mom had to go out of town, so my step-brother was watching her. And well... she dug a hole and she and Larry got out of the fence and went roaming the neighborhood. Their tags got them some attention and phone calls, and they were returned. She got them out again later on. From then on, my mom called her "Jezebel" for "Leading Larry astray...." and when she went to visit my mom and Larry, we had to clip her to a very long chain so she had the entire yard to roam around on, but just not quite to the fence where she could dig!!

So anyway... I guess this is just a place to recollect thoughts.

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