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My workout buddy!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Today is day 205 of my streak!

This emoticon used to be my way of thinking! I would go to Curves, and then on my way home I'd stop off at Highs for a "reward" for working out. Then the next day, I'd go to Curves to work off that reward....and stop off for another reward on my way home!! Yikes! I should have known...you can't out exercise bad nutrition!

But since I've been streaking, I work out at home, and I don't use FOOD as a reward for exercising, and I don't use EXERCISE as a punishment for eating. I eat to live, and I fuel my body with healthy food for my workouts. And I workout to reward my body with endorphins...not to mention better health, more strength, better flexibility, and muscles!

LOL...funny, and oh so true! (At least for me.)

Hubby has learned to call it "your lifestyle" instead of "your diet." He knows how mad I get when he says the D word!

I workout every day and I love it. My workout of choice is DDP Yoga. I get such a good sweat from it, and I can tell I am building muscle. The DDP Yoga workout I'm currently doing is "Below the Belt" and its a killer on my thighs! There are lots of chair poses, and even though the chair pose might not look too challenging, it is VERY challenging for me! But I push myself through the workout, and I am seeing progress! My thighs are a lot stronger and firmer, and so are the muscles surrounding my knees. I can do squats a lot deeper now!

I love that picture...a dog trying to do the Up Dog pose!

By the way, thats not my dog, lol. My dog is a Pomeranian named Sierra who we rescued from the pound. She is my little workout buddy! Whenever I workout, she likes to be in the room with me, and she likes to lay at either end of my yoga mat. Lately, when I do 3 count pushups, she likes to jump up on my back, lol. She only weighs 9 pounds, but I can sure feel a difference when she's there!

Today, after my workout, I was laying down to look through a clothing catalog, and Sierra hopped up on my back...so hubby took a picture, and even though I don't have any makeup on and I'm all sweaty from working out, I decided to post it anyway!

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