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I'm in Garage Sale H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Being the ginormous braniac I am..... I suggested (on Thursday night) we have a garage sale on Saturday..

Mind you this is something that is LONG over due, but I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I have seriously underestimated the amount of "stuff" we have LOL. It boggles my mind too because we moved into our house a little over two years ago. And at that time we did a HUGE purge of stuff. We got rid of A TON, and really only moved necessities and keepsakes... How in two years we've manage to accumulate so much stuff is really bothering me at the moment LOL.

Here and there for the last few months we've been creating our "garage sale pile," and after cleaning out my closet I said "Hey, now would be a good time to have that garage sale." hubby agreed, but now I'm kind of wishing I had said NEXT weekend LOL.

It was all good until last night a bug crawled up my booty and I decided it would be a good idea to go through the house to see if there was anything in the house we could do with out... OH... MY.... GOSH!!! I was APPAULED!! I have an entire hall closet that is now practically EMPTY... How the heck did so much STUFF get crammed in there?? Don't even get me started on the things I found in our tv cabinet of the bedroom...

I haven't even gone through the kids rooms OR the living room and kitchen yet OH MY GOD how am I going to get this done by tomorrow morning!?!?!? LOL. I'm seriously NUTS (and oblivious lol).

OH, I forgot the garage.... The garage isn't so bad we actually went through it a few weeks ago.. But hubby has to go through his tools and things that are just collecting dust...

Now I have to figure out how to stage all this stuff!?!? Enter me, driving around to friends houses after work today to borrow tables... Oh AND don't forget having to price it all... I'm going to take the easy road I think and categorize things into piles/sections, and just price the category.. Much easier and faster...

Hopefully the garage sale isn't a total flop or I'll feel like all this hustle and bustle was a complete waste... Well, not a COMPLETE waste, because it will get my house clean and decluttered, but having some cash would be nice LOL.

At least at the end of it all tomorrow we get to end our day with my friends birthday celebration.. Going to dinner and a comedy show. Theon Von.. Don't know if anyone has heard of him... Looking forward to some laughs though.

In other news, today I am MASSIVELY feeling my BODY COMBAT effects. My whole upper body is SUUUUUPER stiff and sore.. Sitting hunched over my desk isn't exactly helping LOL. Lifting, lugging, stooping, and garage selling will hopefully work out some of the kinks....

OH and for my most exciting news :) Today, I am wearing my pair of size 4 Levis WOOP WOOP!!!!! These puppies haven't seen the light of day in oh, lets say about three years. They may have made an appearance here or there a time or two since but I'm suuuper happy to have them on today!!!

This is me, when I bought them 3 years ago (on Friday Sept 11th actually, I looked it up from my old blog LOL.. Nerd alert!!) HAH! It was a BIG milestone.. First time I'd been in a size 4 EVER IN MY LIFE!!! I'm ready to STAY in them :)

so, with that. I bid you adieu. :) Back to work..
Happy Friday all :)
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