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So unmotivated

Thursday, September 20, 2012

So I've been suffering from severe lack of motivation this week.

It's not really surprising; those of you who follo wmy blog know that last week was stressful, exhausting, and not at all fun. I'm resting to recuperate from that, and I refuse to feel badly about it.

I'm also getting REALLY busy... the busy season has started, and I have SO MUCH to do. It's a good thing, since it means more money, but man, do I have little time for workouts and such. I will make time, though; I'm starting next week... I've got no time this week (I even took some laundry to wash and fold.)

However, I have made a pledge that my family will do something active together every weekend, even if it's just going to the park to walk, shoot bows, fly kites, eat a picnic lunch, something. I enjoyed doing that with my girls while my husband is in the hospital, and I think i would be good for ALL of us to unplug, get moving, and spend quality time together.

I saw something so terrible yesterday while we were out eating dinner. I saw a family of four, a mom, dad, daughter, and sonn. The kids were probably between 12-14. Every one of them was obese. It broke my heart because they spent the entire time ignoring each other, playing with mobile devices. The only time they talked was when the food was set in front of them, as they were arguing over who would get what. Watching the daughter try to talk to her mom as she shoved wads of whipped cream into her mouth made me want to cry.

The only thing the mom OR dad said the whole time? "Stop! You're not going to play my game! Leave me alone!"

What's the point of going out to eat if you're not going to actually TALK to the people you're eating with?
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  • MPLANE37
    Recently we managed to turn the TV off the whole time we eat our dinner at home, not just part of the dinner. Suddenly all sides of the table were usable, and people did not cram into the side from which one can watch the TV. Suddenly there was more talk, much less stress, more understanding, less confusion... Mobile devices? They are a bigger trap than TV. Dealing with teenagers with mobile devices is not at all trivial and can require expert help. Few parents are capable of handling them properly.
    1976 days ago
  • BILL60
    I totally agree with you. More and more, I'm seeing families "do electronics" as opposed to communicating. It's indeed too bad.
    1977 days ago
    1977 days ago
    Is there any way to multi-task at work, to do some kind of small exercise while working? If you can get a foot pedaler, sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair, get up and walk for 5 minutes each hour (deliver paperwork, go to the bathroom, etc), or something like that it doesn't take much or any time from your work (we all need to go to the bathroom at work, right?) but will help you do some extra movement. Though I think committing to spend active time with your family is commendable. Plus exercise can help manage depression so it might be helpful for your husband also.

    It's incredible to see families that don't care enough to stop and spend quality time together. The children are being set up for a long and dangerous road. I bet if you could have held up a mirror to them and showed them what they were doing it would help, but there's no way to do that. Instead, learn something from them and pass the knowlege on to other families you know. Some famlies/friends play a game where everyone puts their phone/game/device in the middle of the table and ignore it no matter how many times it goes off. The person who picks up their device first loses and has some consequence (pay the bill, do a household chore, etc). Heck, Brook Shields has said that she realized how attached she was to her phone when her kids said 'guess who I am' and imitated her playing with her phone. So do what you can to unplug now and again and really be present in your life. You can't change everyone else but you can do your best and help others to do their best.
    1977 days ago
    1977 days ago
    Many families are TOO focused on themselves than their FAMILY. I don't see that in you and I know you are doing your best to keep everything together. But it does take a toll on us doing all that is necessary and good. Like they say, if life was easy, everyone would be doing it. Hey wait, I don't think they used "life" in that saying. LOL

    This last two weeks I've also been very busy with my landscape project. Sure I could have taken some time out to workout, but the work I am doing is a workout anyway. So it just didn't make much sense. So I just swapped and will be back on track next week since my project is pretty much done. The main thing though is I still kept any eye on my nutrition. I did eat more sodium than usual, but due to all my sweating, I knew that would be fine. I also ate a bit high on a few of the days since I really needed to keep up my energy. But for the most part, I stuck to the plan.

    So taking some time off from here or working out is not that big of a deal if you don't do it too long and if you also make sure you are eating healthy. So enjoy, take a break, and holler if you need help. God bless
    1977 days ago
    I'm so glad that you are active with your children. It probably makes poor parental behavior really stand out more than it would otherwise. Like the quote from the movie "Father of the Bride" (I think) paraphrasing....you have to have a license to drive a car, but any idiot can be a parent....Too bad these parents haven't woken up to provide their kids a healthy, happy childhood.
    Do what you have influence over -keep on modeling, encouraging, and supporting YOUR children!

    1977 days ago
    Hey; everything can be different. When you are making the laundry walk. If you have stairs, better. When you are folding the clothes walk each pieces of clothes you are folding. Invite your children, too. You'll see everything will change. Only need to start. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR LOVES ONE.
    1977 days ago
    They're missiong out on life, but you can't change it for them. They weren't raised to act differently, and when the kids grow up they aren't going to act differently either.
    1977 days ago
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