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Musings.. and a half pint.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I know I updated yesterday, but I've actually been quite productive today and wanted to share it with all of you.

My second project for today was to create my weight loss jars for the visual motivator challenge for BLC#16. I had limited supplies in the flat, and have been trying to save some money, so I took two klip&lock dry food storers and
added 101 pieces of wholewheat pasta to one, and 9 pieces to the other.
Let me tell you, they look a lot lower than I thought they would with pasta in them! Really helps me understand just how much food I consume when I eat a bowl of pasta! Though they aren't the prettiest thing, just seeing them sitting in the kitchen has already helped control my cravings. I think when I can afford to I'll replace them with something a bit prettier, but for now they work wonderfully! Maybe when I lose all the weight I'll even treat myself to a tasty pasta dish with these pieces!

After I finished making my weight jars, I figured I'd reward myself for such a productive day and decided to have a bit of my favorite cider (Pear Magners). I poured out half a pint, with the intention to restrict myself. I took my first sip, and WOW it tasted really sweet and alcoholic to me (only 4.5%). Now I'll be first to admit that alcohol has probably played a drastic role in my weight gain.
For the past four years I've been caught up in the college mentality and have
consumed much more alcohol than is generally healthy. At some points I was binge drinking (3 or more drinks in 2 hours) once or twice a week.And although,
I have been slowing down over the past few years due to an increase in focus and dedication to my degree... even the last two years have seen me drinking too much.Though, admittedly,some of this was the result of depression, the majority of it was caused simply by bad decision making. When I committed myself to losing weight this time around I realized that in order to do so I would have to drastically cut back on my drinking.

I promised myself I'd only have a drink once-twice a week, as long as I had
room for it in my daily calorie intake and that I would stay within the healthy
guildlines of 2-3 units a day. Up until today I had not had a drink in almost a
month. I've also been completing the 'Tame your SweetTooth Challenge' and had eliminated most sugars beyond fruit from my diet. Therefore, I guess it's hardly surprising that not only did the cider taste incredibly alcoholic to me, but also more sweet than I remembered. I allowed myself to sit back and relax and enjoy my half pint (paired deliciously with some fresh strawberries) and realized that a half pint was all I wanted! What a great feeling. However, I do know I'll have to be careful with allowing myself a few drinks, mainly because in the UK they don't have to print nutrientional values on their drinks. You never really know for sure how much you're consuming!

In fact, this is not the only thing that was too sweet to me today. I tried making some crystal light ice tea, an old favoured treat - but even that was too sweet for me.. Maybe my body really is getting used to not having sugar!

The last thing I want to write about today is the new freggie I tried today
(another challenge for BLC#16). For this challenge I chose the zucchini/courgette.

Altough I've had zucchini in the past, it's been about 15 years since I've had it.
My mother used to steam them and serve them. I tried one bite and refused to eat anymore. Now I know this is supposed to be a brand new freggie... but due to my electic taste and student budget, this was actually the only vegetable/fruit in the market that I had never tried (that wasn't ridiculously expensive! 5 pounds for Marrow melon? No thanks. I was also determined to give this vegetable another a try. So I tried out Chef Meg's 'Grilled Zucchini with Feta and Pesto' recipe (
And I must say that I'm pleasently surprised! I went in prepared to not like it..
but these are absolutely tastey. Not only are they really delicious when prepared thisway they are also really filling and satisfying. Obviously combining two of my favorite tastes in the world (the pesto and feta) really helped me change my mind about zucchini. I've even bought another zucchini to try more recipes with tomorrow! Gotta love experiencing something new!

Hope everyone in the SparkWorld is doing spectacular!
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    What a fantastic update!! Your tastes are changing for the healthier, which is AWESOME. You've got weight loss jars (and I love that idea of treating yourself to a meal with all that pasta when you reach goal!), and that's great that you actually enjoyed the "new" freggie! Sounds like a very successful day indeed :-D
    1886 days ago
    How creative! Love it!
    1889 days ago
  • RCW0442EHS
    I like how you got creative to make your weight loss jars and the zucchini idea sounds really good.
    1889 days ago
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