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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We all know dieting in no piece of cake.
I myself am a lite eater – as soon as it’s light – I start eating.
But what I want to talk about tonight is about choices.
The choices you make today will determine the choices you have tomorrow.
When I joined TOPS (again) in November I had made a choice to once again begin a journey I had been on many times in the past.
I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I am no strange to the intimate dinner for two – alone.
I have gone on this journey enough times – I know how to get there. No GPS needed. But I always run out of steam before I arrive. I just want my weight issues fixed so I can live happily ever after.
But as we know quick fixes don’t last. We have to change our lives.
And that comes down to choices. The choices we make every day – every week – every minute.
There is no right or wrong choices. But there are proactive choices and there are reactive choices.
Some of our choices empower us; some of our choices enslave us.
Back in November I was thick and tired. My choices had enslaved me.
For some reason my body could not extrapolate adequate nutrients from KFC and McDonalds food, but it did great storing cholesterol and fat. I had to take B-12 shots, iron and cholesterol lowering pills.
After just a month or two of finding and making better choices I no longer needed all the pills. My doctor even said if his numbers were as good as mine he would drop his life insurance.
After hearing that you would think I would be all about making proactive choices. I am a work in progress as we all are.
How important is the choice to come to TOPS every week? For me the accountability of getting on the scale every Thursday makes me feel like little by little I will arrive. It motivates me to make better choices – most of the time.
I love that TOPS is a non-profit organization. I know it is not an organization that will bleed me dry financially; and not an expense that need justification – especially – when you need it most – when you get into a down ward spiral. I know even if I have made poor choices all week – I’ve become a slave to my sweet/fat tooth – if I make the choice to starve myself on Thursday and come weigh-in – good or bad – I have not given up on the journey.

Since I have lost a noticeable amount of weight since I started people are always asking me what I’m doing.
Like now I’m some kind of expert.
Like I know a magic formula
Well I do – Go to a paint store – you can get thinner there
But really I have known what to do for a long time:
Eat crap + be lazy = get fat
Eat healthy + exercise = lose weight and get fit.
Easy enough – I wish
Currently I don’t have it all together. Just yesterday (The day before TOPS) I started off great. I had my green monster smoothie for breakfast. I then went to work (on national milk shake day). The boss brought in doughnuts and chocolate cake. I am only human. A human who likes to eat.
We all fall of the wagon and the doughnuts are there to catch us. We know all we have to do is wipe the chocolate off our face – say that’s ok – no big thing – now I’m going to make better choices.
The secret is to recover quicker – call it damage control.
Besides coming to TOPS in November I started walking during my lunch breaks at work. People ask me how far did you go – how many laps? I tell them, but that’s not what’s important. What is important is that I do it. I’ve found a way to make it enjoyable. I listen to books I down load onto a portable tablet. It may not make me walk as fast as music would, but it helps me be consistent. I only allow myself to listen to the books if I’m walking. I don’t need anyone to walk with me because I can focus on the story.
In conclusion:
What choices will you make tomorrow?
Will they be reactive and enslaving?
• Someone brought doughnuts – I must eat one?
• I need caffeine – so I drink soda or a coffee shake?
• I’m too tired to exercise?
Or will they be proactive and empowering?
• Eat healthy food your body needs.
• Drink you water
• Exercise
Remember it’s not the minuets at the dinner table that put on the weight – It’s the seconds.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I once belonged to a TOPS group and I loved it. But they got out of control and started to go out to eat after each meeting. Isn't that defeating the whole purpose of the program?
    1998 days ago
  • KIMPY225
    I know what you mean about people randomly asking me what my diet is. They ask if I am on Atkins or South Beach... I am on my own diet. They don't understand what that means! I try to tell them about SPARK, but most people just blow it off.

    Making the right decisions definitely does help!

    2008 days ago
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