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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I have really been doing well for a long time now. NOT perfect everyday, but the habits are there and I quickly recover when I "stumble." Yesterday was a stumble, and I wanted to record the variables so I would better recognize the potential next time.

1. Just started a new job. LOVE IT. But it is WAY more responsibility than I was told. I am actually very pleased with that, because for many years I have felt underutilized and not challenged. I GOT THIS.
2. I don't sleep well. Not sure what this is about, but it seems no amount of limiting caffeine, adding exercise, OTC remedies seem to help. I wake up with my jaw clenched. The only thing that seems to help is Clonopin - so I might need to talk to the doc about that. I can't do Ambien or stuff like that - unless you think driving a car when you're in REM sleep is a good idea.
3. It was RAINING. I hate rain! I am a sunshine worshipper. I can physically feel the difference the minute the clouds begin to move in.
4. I AM AN EMPATH. My brother is weakening. He knows it and has been so depressed and afraid. I just want to make it all better, but I can't. And I know it's going to get worse.
5. FINANCES are still a problem. I have GOT to get as disciplined about my finances as I am about my health now. I don't spend tons of money frivolously, but I don't plan appropriately and always end up worrying myself to death about getting to the end of the month and payday. I just got a great raise with the new job, so this is a good chance to get things in order. I MUST GOT THIS.

So, other than the sunshine which I can't control, this all boils down to STRESS. And what have I learned about stress?

1. You can't eat it. Eating crappy stuff only makes me feel worse and adds to my stress levels.
2. You CAN exercise it down. Working out my body allows me to work out those stress responses that can cause binging, headaches, fatigue... it is a MIRACLE worker. I also do a lot of good thinking when I'm working out.
3. It is not going away. There are always great days in life and crappy days in life. That's just the way life goes... so on the CRAPPY ones, don't make it worse by doing CRAPPY things to yourself! Duh!!

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    You are doing awesome!!Congrats on your new job emoticon
    1981 days ago
    emoticon You're doing great. Hope today is better. emoticon
    1983 days ago
    Yoga. Yoga. Yoga.

    Seriously, it helps you sleep, helps with stress and balances your check book. (hey, two outa three ain't bad)


    1984 days ago
  • SLPORTER1978
    You GOT this!

    Let me know if you find something that works for the sleep issue. I have the same issue, right down to the jaw clenching. I tried Ambien a couple of years ago with scary results - I had my kids out of bed and at the dinner table, while I was cooking dinner for them at 2 am. Luckily my husband woke up and was able to wake me before I burned the house down.

    I hope your brother is at least comfortable, it is really hard to deal with family illness.

    Best wishes for you!!!!!
    1984 days ago
    Good on ya for seeing what's really going on. Regarding finances, can you set things up so ur wage goes directly into one bank account (the bills account), have your bills etc. paid by direct debit from that and have a portion of your income dd'd into a "spending" account? I dd my savings every month from my account so i find myself saving without even knowing it. I dunno, there might be a solution on Spark money site, Good luck!
    1984 days ago
    Congrats on your new job and your raise! I know you can handle all this new stress. It might take a bit to work out the kinks but you'll get there. emoticon
    1984 days ago
    Congratulations on your new job!!!! I hope it works out for you! Praying for you and your brother! I agree with SCHNEBL, you might want to invest in a new pillow. My pillow absolutely sucks and my husband and I have agreed that we need new pillows because we have an absolute horrible time trying to sleep.

    Sounds like we are in the same boat both with needing to get disciplined on them. We can be encouragement buddies!!!!!!
    Here's my encouragement to you: YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!! I KNOW YOU CAN!!!!! JUST KEEP PUSHING!!!!! :D
    1984 days ago
    Hey girl - sounds bittersweet today - learning but learning with hard lessons. That is how it goes sometimes and it's good that you know the difference between a box of donuts and a treadmill!

    This is going to sound silly, but have you purchased a new pillow recently? I had been having horrid trouble sleeping and last week I bought a new one - WOW what a difference. I actually sleep at night! It' worth a try since they are not big ticket items.

    Also - about your finances...Have you checked out Dave Ramsey? There is a team here for him and also a web site. I will email you privately later today as I am getting ready to leave for my father-in-law's funeral in about ten minutes and that does not give me time to write what I want to share with you.....I will write later.

    Keep fighting the good fight my dear!
    1984 days ago
    The jaw clenching thing is so not good. I'm a clencher as well and had some real dental problems last year because of it - I still have to be careful every day so as not to make the jaw pain flair.

    My teen son is going through major depression - it's so hard to see someone you love sink so low. I don't know the situation with your brother, but I wish him and you all the best in the world.

    It sounds like you're learning so much in this journey. Keep up the great work!
    1984 days ago
    I always love how you are so honest & open in your blogs. It helps me to reflect on what I can do for myself also.

    I love the fact that you said that doing crappy things makes you feel crappier. That is so true!! So I always wonder why we tend to turn to that crappy stuff at the crappiest times? Makes no since huh?

    Have you thought about creating yourself a budget? I do this and as soon as I get paid I open my budget book and pay everything that has to be paid first and also pay myself (savings) then the rest is for the fun stuff. I do a budget a year at a time and it helps me to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for some bills :)

    I know you got this. Praying for strength for you and your brother and your whole family during this time.
    1984 days ago
    For a minute I thought I was reading something out of my own mind!! I haven't started the new job, and while it may not be as challenging as I'd like to begin with, it has upward potential which I am all for. I haven't been sleeping well lately, and as a result I am GRUMPY! I think being grumpy also has to do with all the rain we've been having too.

    Empaths I understand completely. I know plenty of them, and I am one myself, though I have reached the point where I can shield myself as needed. And Finances...oh h e double hockey sticks are we on the same page! My new job doesn't come with a raise, but I need to control the output better.

    I'm with you. WE GOT THIS!!!
    1984 days ago
  • YOUNG2012
    I too love staying busy at work and need to be challenged! Good luck to you with everything and sounds like you are ready to face everything head on. You will succeed with that sort of drive!
    1984 days ago

    my sister walks 15,000 steps a day at 63 years old and has lost 105 pounds. she went from a size 24 to a size 10. all her health issues dropped off as the 105 pounds dropped off.

    i gave up grain and sugary products and have lost 44 pounds at age 60. i went from a size 18 to a size 10 shorts and medium tops from a 1 or 2x.

    we are both still loosing weight until we reach our goal

    1984 days ago
    have you tried melatonin? It might not work the firtst time you take it - it works better once it is built up in your system.
    Good luck
    1984 days ago
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