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i lost 25 pounds!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Woohoo! I lost 25 pounds! I'm now down to 305 pounds :) I can't wait to be below 300 again :) My pants fit a lot better to the point of some of them drooping off of my hips. My double chin went away a lot too. I'm so happy! I wish I could say I lost weight because I was trying to lose weight but really the reason is that I have been eating a lot less because I have been fasting for spiritual warfare reasons. I'm a Christian so when Christians want to see positive spiritual results, they fast and pray. I don't like fasting but the magnitude of the spiritual issues called for long term fasting. I never though I'd lose so much weight though and I'm really proud of myself!!

In terms of exercise, I went to the gym last week and did about 30 minutes of kickboxing followed by some much needed stretching. I should aim to stretch in the mornings again because it feels so good and reduces a lot of stress. Also, I went down to the pool twice or three times last week and did some light kicking exercises back and forth a few times. It's better than nothing. I also need to focus on getting out and walking again too. I wish I could get in a better groove of exercise. Something in me tells me that it's not worth putting on my shoes and going for a walk or putting on my bathing suit and jumping in the pool. I want to kick that voice right out the window! I always enjoy my walks and I almost always enjoy the pool! Walking is so stress reducing and I live right next to the river so nature is soothing as well. Now that the days aren't so hot, a afternoon/evening walk will be perfect.

I would like to make goals that I can stick with but I'm not really good about making concrete goals and sticking with them per say. I schedule things during my week and then my goal is to complete them and I'm pretty good, about 50 - 75% good about completing these goals. For some reason, I don't like to be pigeon-holed into having to accomplish a goal or maybe I think that I can't do it or something. I'm more about aiming towards goals and taking small steps that fit to my personality and life and then having my goals be accomplished that way. Not sure what you call that but that's how I work best. I'm certainly success driven and I have goals in my mind but goals like "lose weight by January" seem difficult to accomplish. I will say that I am a lot better at doing homework that is due in school and Bible study so that is improving for sure. I tell myself positive things now like "I love to learn" or "I love to gain knowledge" or "I love the feeling of completing my homework". Also, when I complete homework it means that I can be more invovled in the conversations regarding the new knowledge attained.

So, I'll try for a goals this next week regarding exercise. I typically try to exercies 2-3 times per week so that is one. I would also like to do some other execise activity such as walking or kayaking. I used to love to bike ride but since I got to heavy, the seat hurts my butt but since I lost some weight, I could take my bike for a spin too. It's great exercise for my hips and butt.

Soo.... here's to the 200's!!! I'm so happy I lost weight :) :) :)

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