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Homefinder.com Agent Makeover experience.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The makeover in Chicago was fantastic. I really felt like a celebrity, with handlers telling me where to go, and what to do.

I was met at the airport by the driver who took me to the hotel. When I arrived, a photographer was taking my picture as I exited the car. When I entered there was party like
decorations everywhere, and I was introduced to the homeifnder.com team. Everyone looked so young. I guess I am just getting old. I was the oldest one there by decades! I was taken to my room, and told I had about 3 hours free time to explore the area. So I went for a walk along the "miracle mile" of shopping. Lots of stores, everything you could imagine.

Then after the other winners had arrived, later that evening, they took us to dinner.
Meals, were all "family style." Big platters of different food and everyone just took what they wanted, so it was easy to NOT overeat. Of course there were plenty of desserts left over for temptation. I really liked that I could take a little bit of this and that instead of ordering a giant whatever... Got back to the hotel about 10 pm.

The next day was REALLY early morning start. 7:30 am in the lobby. (2 hrs. ahead, 5:30 am my time) Amazingly I woke up in time, after 3 alarms. I am not a morning person, LOL.
We were taken to the homefinder.com offices for a wonderful breakfast, then, classes, coaching, interviews etc. Around 1 pm, a quick lunch was served in the office.

Then we walked to Nordstroms for our shopping appointments. They took us ( 5 winners) to Norstroms to pick out an outfit for the photo shoot. Of course the 2 guys were done in about 30 min. The girls they gave us 2-3 hours to find something. Stylists had already gotten our sizes, and were supposed to have picked out outfits they thought we would like.

I was about in tears in the dressing room, as I hated all the stylist's picks for me. I tried them on, tried to have an open mind, but I felt I looked terrible. It did not help they were all too big.

After about two hours, I still had NOTHING that I liked. She tried to get me to wear a wrap dress. I have not worn a dress or skirt in years. I felt like I had a towel wrapped around me, and I felt like I looked like a sack of potatoes. HORRIBLE! Of course the other women said I looked really nice. Same with most of the clothes.

So I explained the colors I like, ( not mustard, wine and olive green) and she brought some new stuff. Now it was all too gaudy! Emerald Green long sleeve blouse, and a Bright Royal blue blouse, colors that I love, but the blouse had black and white stripes down the side, make it look very baseball-ish.

The jackets I tried, make it seem like I was wearing my husband's suit. Very boxy. Nothing really feminine at all. The trench coat is nice, I have nothing like it, so once I found out I was to keep the whole outfit, well, that just had to be part of it. So I stuck with neutrals, browns, and black pants, so I could get that jacket! The jewellery, was last minute, and I usually don't wear chunky necklaces, or fake anything, so it was a change for sure.

Shoes, well, again they had just no really good choices in shoes. I usually wear sneakers, so all shoes felt really strange. I said I did not want a high heel, so they presented Ballerina flats, with no support. Or higher heels that I can't walk in. I was out of time by now, so I just went with something that fit my feet and did not cause blisters. Not something I would usually choose. I never spend "real " money on clothing, just shop the sales, so this was a bit strange to shop with no spending limit.

Then we walked back to the hotel, and had about 2 hrs before dinner. I napped a bit, then went back to the store to see if I could find anything I liked better. I couldn't. The walk woke me up a bit, so I was ready for dinner. We all walked about 6 blocks to the restaurant. There was a presentation by a local successful Real Estate agent there and again a family style dinner. It had started to drizzle a bit outside but we all still walked back to the hotel rather than calling a cab.

Next morning, late start, LOL. 8 am. Breakfast at the hotel. Again buffet style, so you could pick what you wanted. Then at 9 am off to the salon. We all walked about 3 blocks for our hair and makeup. Some consultation by the stylists and then came the work. 3-4 hours later the new look was born. Red underlayer highlights. Something I really like. Then an even overall color, and hair protein treatment. Why does looking nice take so LONG! After the hair was done, we sat at a makeup table and got worked on. Even though it seemed liked was lathering stuff on, the look was quite natural. I would have put on more makeup to cover up more.

So by now it is about 1:30 pm. Walk back to the hotel where lunch is laid out but of course everyone is afraid to eat, as we don't want to ruin our lipstick or makeup. Guys are done with their photos as they were done first. One of them went bleached blond! Upstaged all the girls with the most drastic change.

When it was my turn for the photos, I felt like I was on Top Model. COnstant clicks of the camera. I hope they got a good shot out of all those photos. Some were inside, some were outside, on the streets of Chicago. About 45 min. of shots.

Back to the hotel for a quick lunch, then changed clothes, finished packing, and off to the lobby to catch the car for my plane home. Hugs and thanks to everyone who made this possible. I felt great! New clothing in my carryon. I did not want anything to happen to these expensive clothes.

Greeted at the airport by my husband who was not sure of this new look. We stopped one the way home to get him something to eat at Whole Foods, and the checkout guy commented, "I really like your hair" the bag girl chimed in she liked it also. Not home more than 20 min. and already get compliments. Really nice feeling.

So I guess I am a show stopper now, LOL.
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