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101 Things I Want To Do in 1001 days....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

1- Lose 50 lbs
2- Try a new food--DONE (Indian food--LOVE IT!!)
3- Travel by plane
4- Walk 5K
5- See a Broadway musical
6- Volunteer at our local soup kitchen w/the kids
7- Get another tattoo
8- Get my basement cleaned out
9- Take the kids on a vacation
10- Go for a walk at sunrise
11- Start/grow a garden
12- Finish redecorating my bedroom
13- Do something for my best friend just because--DONE! 9/27/12 bought her a giant coffee mug she has always wanted!
14- Spend the day with an old friend
15- Visit somewhere historical (Philadelphia, Gettysburg)
16- Celebrate my birthday in a big way
17- Kiss in the rain
18- Bake and deliver something to someone, just because
19- Inpsire someone
20- Have a board game night with the fam
21- Work on my scrapbooks
22- Get my Christmas shopping done....EARLY!! (DONE! 11/16/12)
23- Surprise my honey with something fabulous
24- See 10 classic movies I've never seen
25- Be a member of an audience for a TV show
26- Decorate a cake
27- Stop swearing for at least a week
28- Go camping with a bunch of friends
29- Make every recipe in a single cookbook
30- Learn to say "I love you" and "I'm sorry" in five different languages
31- Go snow tubing
32- Grow my own tomatoes
33- Go on a hike
34- Eat at the Melting Pot Restaurant
35- Visit Las Vegas
36- Cook a meal with the kids
37- Try a new ice cream flavor (DONE! Milky Way Fro-yo 10/12)
38- Play a video game with my son
39- Take my daughter to see NYC's Christman Spectacular
40- Read a book
41- Take my honey to his first Bazaar
42- Go to the beach
43- Pleasantly surprise someone (DONE! 10/12 my mom's roommate w/her favorite snack)
44- Plan a family get together with extended family
45- Buy a CD
46- Try sea bass
47- Take a yoga class
48- Take a spinning class
49- Play paintball
50- Go to the drive-in
51- Try three new fruits 1. Jicama (10/12)
52- Park at the end of the parking lot and walk
53- Couples massage--(DONE! 10/12--Rejuve)
54- Write a postcard/letter to seven different people to tell them what they mean to me
55- Offer help to a stranger--DONE!
56- Have a snow ball fight
57- Visit five local restaurants I haven't been to before 1. Pasquale's (11/12)
58- Go on a picnic with my honey
59- Watch 101 movies I've never seen before
60- Get my eyebrows threaded
61- Get a hot stone massage
62- Go rollerskating
63- Send out Christmas cards--on time!!
64- Work a full month without taking time off
65- Bring lunch to work every day for a week
66- Transform my backyard
67- Stay at a bed and breakfast
68- Do something artistic
69- Organize the pantry
70- Clean out and donate old clothes
71- Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
72- Host a party--DONE! Tupperware Party 9/30/12
73- Visit a zoo
74- Have a night picnic outside
75- Refinish kitchen cupboards and counters
76- Buy flowers for my mom's roommate in the nursing home
77- Take my mom out for dinner
78- Compliment someone every day for a week
79- Get a gun permit
80- Write a Will
81- Do something outside of my comfort zone
82- Get dressed up for Halloween
83- Have a yard sale
84- Start a Christmas Club account
85- Buy an Ipad
86- Teach my honey how to swim
87- Do archery
88- Re-do the bathroom
89- Take a home improvement course
90- Prune my trees--DONE!!
91- Take my daughter somewhere overnight..just me and her
92- Learn a new dance
93- Organize my dining room (DONE! 9/12)
94- Get a physical from my Dr.
95- Actually burn all of the candles I have
96- Finish a bottle of vitamins without missing a single day
97- Buy new drapes
98- Get a facial
99- Bathe in a large champagne glass (Poconos)
100- Go fishing
101- Inspire someone to write their own 101 in 1001!!
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