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Color Run Richmond w/ Pics

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Color RUNNNNNNNNN! Woo hoo. They weren't lying when they said it's the happiest 5k on the planet haha. It was sooo much fun!! It all started this morning at 0600. I was bitter but excited to wake up. Actually woke up before my alarm! haha I had belt testing last night so I was a bit sore this morning lol, but I've been looking forward to it for so long it didn't bother me. I ate a couple of cinnamon rasin english muffins, which probably wasn't the best thing in the world but whatever... I picked up my friend, we dawned our Color Run gear and headed out the door.

the drive was pretty simple to the racetrack, so that was good, cause neither my friend nor I are very directional people.

When we got there we parked and realized it will be fun trying to find the car when we get out as there is a sea of cars and no real landmarks to go by haha. We were also overcome by the shear amount of people. Apparently there were some 5,000 people there. It was crazy!!!!

We took acouple "before " pictured before heading into the line.

We weren't sure where to go but I remembered hearing that there were sections for runners, run/walkers, walk/runners, and walkers. We went about 3/4th the way back and jumped into one of the openings in the line. We were lucky because they started sending people to the back, but we had already moved inside the gates. They sent the people off in waves. we were about the 4th wave out of....... goodness.... maybe 8 or 9?

When we reached the start line they were giving out some free stuff and amping us up for the run. they gave the previous wave a like 3min head start before releasing us.

We started off pretty well, running at a good pace and ready to get to the first color station, which is placed at every Kilometer. The whole race was on pavement or gravel whch I don't particularily like since I like train running better myself, but it was relativly flat.

When we reached the first station, yellow, we were super stoked. I know from reading some information about the run that if you stay towards the edges then the more color you will get. I kept telling the color people "bring it" or "give me your best shot" to try to maximise my colorfulness.

As we continued the run my friend had to stop and walk. She has asthma and a messed up ankle so it didn't bother me too much. The only thing is that I wanted to see if my 5k time would be better at a fun run, as most people say they are. Oh well haha I might do another 5k in a couple weeks so thats kool.

The best thing about this run is the volunteers. They really keep you pumped and running. One of the highlights was running through this tunnel thing. This was the time to let it all out. People were yelling, singing, laughing or whatever came to mind. The volunteers were key to that haha.

So we were about halfway there. This is when we were like...wow we don't have enough color, and really started pushing for color. Over the next couple of colors we really pushed for color getting it all over our faces, backs, legs, everywhere. We walked a lot after the 3rd k because my friends ankle was really starting to bother her. We'd run to the color then walk through the color. But when we saw the finishline there was no pain that could stop us. We took off. We were running brillantly, it was awesome. When we reach the finish line we were met by a wall of people. It was slow moving after the Finish towers.

So after breakign through the crowed into the main area we took the time to take some pictures while we waited for the color throw.

We ran over to the color area and made it just in time for the helicopter to fly over from a news station to film the group and the color throw. I tried to film the throw, and the helicopter and any other shenanigans, but unfortunalty I'm not use to my new phone and all the video that I took wasn't saved.......... I had some really good video too... emoticon

After we finished, and satisfied with our color, we went to find the car. It was actually easier then expected considering I was in the front of one of the rows. We took the moment to take som emore pics and called my dad for lunch. We stupidly chose CiCis

So we headed to lunch. What a waste of a workout hahaha I, no joke, ate about 2200 calories for lunch. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa....laaaaaame..
.. Later i got a call from a friend who was in the area with her daughter who wanted to see what I looked like so we decided to meet up. I didn't mind because it's funny to see the people faces as I walk around covered in color. I also still had my color packet that I thought it might be fun to let her daughter try. Either just throw it on me since I'm already messy or let her get hit with color haha. She chose the latter.

Her mom got me good in the face lol

Even after scrubbing down in the shower, I am still trying to get orange and green out of my ears haha oh and a little friend stayed with me.

All in all it was a super fun morning, with fun had by all. I can't wait to do it next year!! And it makes me even more pumped for the Tough Mudder. I just need to get this eating under control so I don't continue to spoil all my workouts. haha

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