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Saturday, September 15, 2012

We have all read stories of women who continue to live with abusive husbands. They come back from another visit from the emergency room, he says he'll change, they believe it.....until the next inevitable time. And those of us watching all wonder "Why doesn't she just leave?" And she will tell us that she LOOOOVVVVES him and just knows he loves her and won't hurt her again. It's never intentional. And it always happens again. And she stays for more. And we observers are astounded that she doesn't see what we see.

Yet some people treat their food the same way. The food beats us up, leaves us sick and unhealthy, yet we stay because we just LOOVVE it so much! We swear it will be different the next time, and it never is. We can't swear out a warrant on pizza. There are no government services to protect us from Big Macs. We have to find the courage (and it takes courage in any of these situations) to just leave, find a safe place, surround ourselves with safe foods, and safe people (like Spark) that can protect us from something that is hurting us every day.

I am able to stay at goal because I still see certain foods as evil, as dangerous, and I avoid them because they are a threat to my health, my goal, and everything I want to be. I know there are people who say that if you forbid yourself something you will crave it more. That isn't any safer with certain foods than it is with an abusive spouse. Love isn't enough to make it safe. I had to make a clean break with Reeses, then find the life that came next. And a wonderful life it is!

Cheetos won't break my jaw, but is obesity any better? Or safer? It isn't as immediate, but the danger is surely there. And I avoid it for my own safety.
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