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Saturday, September 15, 2012

"With a vengeance'
a. with force or violence.
b. greatly; extremely.
c. to an unreasonable, excessive, or surprising degree: He attacked the job with a vengeance.

OK. Eliminate the violence, but keep the force, the greatly, extremely, surprising degree....That is where I am once again.

This blog is going to be get ready.

First of all. I have to acknowledge the fact that I have been really out of control for the past several months. A couple of short lived attempts, but overall, I have been eating WAY too much. I would wake up each morning, hating my body, and what I have allowed it to become. (I'll address that later) and pray for motivation. Then one morning, when I was feeling particularly low about this area of my life, I got an email that the BLC (Biggest Loser Challenge) was starting up again. So....I signed up. As it was, day one was Sept 12. And we were scheduled to return from Europe on Sept 11. Serendipitous?

So I have begun the journey once again. I joined the team and am a member of the Courageous, Copper Cougars. Pretty fitting for a redhead over the age of 40, don't you think? I am sticking to the team goals and challenges for the next 12 weeks. And I am determined.

I was making a pot of soup at 4:30 am. (Yes, jet lag/sleep pattern is still screwy) And while I was making it, I wondered WHY did I not follow through 30 years ago? When I had only 40 pounds to lose? WHY did I allow myself to regain weight over and over and over again? WHY didn't I take care of my body all along? And you know what? I have no answer. It just happened. I stopped being mindful and let it happen. So now. Starting over and setting (mostly the same) goals and an eating plan that will work for me.

First thing, and it is IMPERATIVE is that I track the calories. No matter what. Keep a daily record. NO excuses there. I have to do it. Now here is the rest of the plan.

* 1500 cals/day. Works for me. I should lose about 2 pounds a week at this point in time.
* PUSH those fluids.
* Eat primarily a plant based diet....LOTS of fresh fruits and veggies- SO thankful I live in CA where we have year round farmers' market, and in a small city with a Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Elliot's Natural Foods, and a Costco that is now carrying organic foods!
* Only buy meat that contains no hormones, antibiotics, and from a halal or kosher grocer
* All dairy without hormones, antibiotics, and eggs from free range chickens.
* Avoid ALL genetically modified foods
* Cook at home. Only allow eating out once a week at the MAXIMUM. And I don't even expect it to be that often....except for my lunch dates with friends!
* Keep a low cal (cabbage, pumpkin, or veggie) soup in the fridge at all times.
* Use my Blentec regularly
* When we eat out, NO buffets.
* Bring what *I* can eat to pot lucks, and stay away from others' items that contain processed foods.
* And did I mention track my calories?

OK. Now that is the eating plan. What else am I going to do? We got a personal trainer at the gym a few months back. And the last time (in May) that we went, she had me do something that I knew was bad for my knees...squats on a slant board, using my weight as resistance...and I did it anyway. I could barely walk for several days. And they have never been the same since. I took a 2.5 mile walk yesterday, and they were killing me so much I could hardly get on or off the toilet! My left foot was seriously injured with torn tendons a few years back, and with the weight I have gained back, it, too is screaming at me all the time. AND, with all my abdominal surgical scarring, I have to be very careful with certain exercises to strengthen my core.

So with limited use of my knees, an achy foot, and without the use of abdominal muscles, what does that leave me for exercise options?
* The pool. Swim at least 5x week. It is heated, and right there outside my kitchen door. Boring as it can get sometimes, it is what I need to do. I am ordering water aerobic CD's to see if that will help.
* Walk. But limit my distance each time to a mile or so. And try to avoid going down stairs or steep declines until I get more weight off. Going up is fine.
* Get to the gym, use the bicycle and weights for upper body strength. At least 2x week.
* Try Zumba while I am there? And of course modify it. (The yoga classes offered there have instructors that do too much floor work, and I come home with swollen knees every time)
* Stretch, stretch, stretch.
* Starting a weekly square dancing class Monday nights. How bad can THAT be? (I wanted to restart folk dancing, but no classes anywhere in our area! And contra dance is about 25 miles away...)
* Participate in the BLC exercise challenges, but modify them to fit my current limitations.

Other goals
* Limit time on the computer to 2 hours a day. That is MORE than enough to blog, email, and to participate on FB and Sparks.
* Blog here at least weekly. Post gratitudes daily. Post in the Cougars thread a minimum of three times weekly.
* Spend quiet time alone every day....whether it be in silent prayer/meditation, in the pool doing my movement meditation, chi kung, or in the massage chair...take care of me.
* Phone a friend at least 3x week
* Lunch or other social event with someone other than my hubby at least once a week.
* Volunteer work at least once a week.

OK. Did I miss anything? We are going to India in February, and my goal is to be down forty pounds by then. THAT is doable. It is pretty ambitious, but doable. I am off to a good start, and again, vengeance is the word.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon You have a great plan in place.
    1380 days ago
    I should join you "with a vengeance.
    1380 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/19/2012 7:47:42 AM
    Fabulous, well thought out achievable goals!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1382 days ago
    emoticon at glad to see you are still with the blc.i am on the pink vikings.lets rock thia challange together. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1382 days ago
    The first part of your blog could have been what I was asking myself a few years ago. "Why did I let the weight pile on"?. Well it did, but finally I too took control and did something about it.
    Your eating plan was a lot like mine. It works if you stick too it. I never dis-allowed any food but it had to be the two bite rule, if I could not limit myself to 2 moderate bites, stay away. That was mostly at BBQ, buffets. Xmas, Thanksgiving dinners.
    As for exercise since I weight 335 lbs and had two bad knees, used a walker, canes. I turned to water aerobics. It really saved the day. Later when I had the knees replaced ,then I could walk,ski and do 5, 10K's. I walk every morning a minimum of 1 mile usually 2 or 3 miles.
    It took me almost 2 years to lose the weight and have been maintaining now for a year . It sure feels different to weight 139 compared to 335.
    Don't beat yourself up, don't try to set unrealistic goals. Work on losing 10 lbs and then reward yourself. Remember this is not temporary , it's a life time change, You want to be able to eat and live this healthy, fit way for life. So learn that depriving yourself from all foods doesn't work. Not for long.
    I wish you the best,
    Be strong, stay positive.
    Tisha emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1382 days ago
  • v SHINTON1618
    I love your goals! I know that you can do it, and you will do awesome!
    1383 days ago
    You have a great, detailed plan for your success! I have every confidence that you will do it!
    1383 days ago
    This is an amazing plan! I'm so impressed that you dealt with more than food and exercise. (But I have to admit how very much I envy you your pool and your access to fresh food and organic meat!!!)
    You are a terrific role model. You WILL be successful. emoticon emoticon
    Go Cougars emoticon
    1383 days ago
    Great goal planning! Sounds like your ready to attack and get it DONE and yes Vengeance is a great word to describe it! Keep up with these plans and you WILL be ready to conquer India! As a fellow Cougar I am here to keep you in line!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1383 days ago
  • v SHINTON1618
    I am so excited about this journey!
    1383 days ago
    Like the plan -- thorough and in-depth and covering all the important bases for healthy mindful eating! And I like the energy you are bringing to it. It's staying with it through the times of "who gives a damn" and low energy that try the GO GO GO KATHY!!! I'm right there with you on 25 damned pounds I picked up over the year that I need to sluff off, 20 of which are hanging on "with a vengeance!"

    I would like to have the 20 pounds off by December when I go to your goal, ambitious, but doable. TRACK! TRACK! TRACK! MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! And above all, mindfulness in what we eat and how much we eat of it.
    Your friend through it all
    1383 days ago
  • v GONANA
    I'm always so happy to get a notice that you have posted! I'm not participating as much as I used to but let me tell you what is going on with me:
    Since June I have been eating very healthy - no starches (that's my heroin) except for a few exceptions. Last weekend I ate too much of whatever I wanted and I am paying for it this week. Either that, or I have a stomach bug. Diarhea!! I've lost 4 lbs since wednesday so I am on a quest to rehydrate seriously. Solid food hurts my stomach so I'm going to stick with glucerna and lots of water. Kind of scared me when I got on the scale this morning. It said 180. That's a little too fast!
    Other than the diarhea, I feel better than I have in ages. Still have fibro-flares, but manageable.
    I'm taking a belly dance class!! It's not pretty, but I'm moving! Good core workout. It is funny that when I do hip bumps, it looks like hip twists. Can't help it, my belly is SO big. Like I said, it ain't purty! Seriously though, it is great fun. I hated it the first 4 weeks. I'm 58 and all the others are in their 20s and early 30s. I'm going into my 3rd month and I have learned the moves to one entire song and am learning the 2nd song. But I will NOT be in the recital come January. NO NO NO! I've already give fair warning about that. :-D

    So glad to hear from you! And so proud of you for getting back on the wagon! You can only fail if you don't try!
    1383 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/15/2012 12:51:05 PM
    Awesome and wish I could do it, I would love to be able to afford the free range no hormone meat but no go here, NO organic stores other than 1 which isn't nearby and fall is on its way with winter to follow. Fruit and veggies are costly but we can do that, but if I was to eat with an organic and 100 mile radius I would be eating apples and root veggies all winter. lol
    I have been very down with sciatica to the point of not being able to get into bed. Doing much better now with chiro strteching table so I too am back.
    Back to doing what I can, the best I can which ever day it is.
    Eating better and not letting those darn meds make me gain. Was on predinisone for while and yes you gain but after af ew days I let it be my own fault also.

    HUGS and we can do it, why we didnt' do it before who knows. I have 45 -50 lbs to go. I lost 22 but have 12 of that to lose again!
    YOU CAN DO IT!!!
    1384 days ago
  • v BILLB000
    Wow, you are back with a vengeance. Your plan is awesome, totally well planned out and very doable. I am impressed. I can sense your energy and commitment.
    Go for it and God bless you in this part of your journey.
    1384 days ago
  • v MIATIA1
    Wonderful plans and I have a very strong feeling that this time is the last time . WAY TO GO emoticon !
    1384 days ago
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