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Mindful Eating

Friday, September 14, 2012

My SP plan is on cruise control as I continue to weave this healthier lifestyle into my daily living. I'm still exercising most days and most days I'm staying within my calorie limits. When I go out to eat, I focus on making healthier food choices and finding opportunities throughout the day to eat less and move more. Sometimes it's small stuff like parking my car farther away from a building. Other times it's bigger stuff like rejoining Weight Watchers and working out with a personal trainer. Day in and day out, I'm mindful of how much I'm eating and how much I'm moving.

This week, for the first time, my routine felt natural. In other words, it felt more like my regular habits and less like a "diet or exercise program." I've removed the deadline for losing x amount of pounds and am focused on maintaining this "click" in my head that's directing my behavior.

Wednesday was my birthday and I decided to celebrate by "taking the day off". What ended up happening rather surprised me. I ate out all three meals, because I was busy. For breakfast, I substituted an egg mcmuffin for my usual sausage mcgriddle. Then, at lunch time, I ate at Chipotle grill. I skipped the tortilla, sour cream and cheese in favor of salsa, beans and lettuce with steak strips.

That afternoon, we visited the Kansas City Zoo. I wanted to see my grandson's response to the animals. Well, anyone who's been to KC's zoo knows there's a lot of walking involved. The exhibits are so spread out that the zoo uses trains and trams to shuttle people between them. We decided to walk and ended up strolling around that zoo for over two hours.

Dinner was supposed to be indulgent. After all, I was celebrating. I ordered a gourmet burger, fries and a dessert. I ended up eating only half the burger and a few fries because the portions were so huge. When I got my dessert--I only ate a part of that, too. I was too busy talking, laughing and having fun.

What surprised me was that although I had given myself permission to take the day off, I continued to eat mindfully--watching my portions and skipping high calorie toppings that didn't seem worth it. I also got quite a bit of exercise and recorded everything I did on SP.

After nine months of consistency, I am hopeful that my behaviors have morphed into sustainable habits. Eventually, the scale will start moving again, but for the first time in a while, I'm not sweatin' it.

Onward and downward.

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