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Why Are Republicans So Mean?

Friday, September 14, 2012

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    Russell, you make great points.

    I think Republicans should be ashamed of themselves BUT, they are pretty much shameless in regards to the great lengths they have gone to obstruct the country's recovery....for the sole purpose of making President Obama look bad.

    How far will they go in order to put the two rich white Ken dolls in office?
    1980 days ago
    Thank God I live in Vermont, even the Republics are Democrats here emoticon
    1980 days ago
    I'm a Republican and I don't ever remember anyone telling me I was mean!!
    I hope you have a wonderful day!
    1982 days ago
    I live in a very red state and I know very few people who DON'T vote republican. It amazes me that so many poor and working class people would vote that way, but maybe it's racism. Also, thanks to the ultra-conservatives like TEA Partiers, a lot of people think of the republicans as the party of God. I for one don't think Jesus would be a republican. There was a time when I could support the republicans, but now they are so obviously a party for the rich that I can't. I think it would be nice if other parties would emerge to reflect our true diversity as a nation.
    1983 days ago
  • RUSSELL_40
    Republicans are the people who want to control other people. Through war, or Congress, they have very set ideas, and are positive God wants them to do it their way. How dare anyone else have a plan! It angers tem, and that is why they are so mean.

    They explained very patiently, that abortion is murder. So if you don't quit, they think it is okay to kill you, if you are a doctor, and submit you to a multitude of unnecessary tests, and propoganda , if you are a woman, seeking one. Why cant you just do what they say? You make them so angry. They don't want to hurt you, but you make them do it!

    If I had to sum up the average Republican politician, it would be akin to the man who beats his wife on the weekend, but loves her M-F. The week does not make us forget the weekend. We remember the hate and bigotry. I do not think the average Republican is as far to the right as their electeds, but I can't figure out why they keep voting in people even more intolerable. At a certain point, moderate Republicans need to say enough, and take back their party.

    Now we see that the Republicans are weak on foreign policy, and job creation, so Romney is floundering. They tell us that this is not true, but the evidence is before us. His overreaction to Lybia, and Egypt attacks, shows he is a petulant child who just knows he deserves to be President.

    Basically, what has them so angry this time though, is that someone who thinks of himself as a huge success, is running against a black man, and is stunned that America likes Barack Obama.. did I mention his middle name is Hussein, and he was taught at a "madrasa" ( shudders ). They expected to just win easily, and they look foolish, and that makes them angry, and mean. Maybe next time, embrace the moderates of your party, insteand of the wackadoodles, and we can have a serious debate, about jobs, defense, Medicare, and Social Security spending.

    Health Care is another one that really bothers them. If poor people get help from the Democrats, like they recieved in the 1940's, after our last Great Depression, we might see another 30 year span of people only voting for one party. Right now, a lot of poor people vote Republican, because the Democrats haven't done a whole lot that they can point to, and say " The Dems did that for me! ". The 1960's gave us civil rights, Medicare/Medicaid. Recently Obama doubled the Pell grants, and made it easier to pay off loans, but bexides making more jobs ( thanks Clinton ), not much to tell them they should vote Democratic. Now they can get health care, and once that is official in 2014, the Democrats will be the party that gave them college, and health care,

    If that happens, why would anyone vote Republican? Jobs are being created, you can go to college to get a better one, through Pell grants, or even paying it off over 20 years now, if you take out loans, so you aren't bankrupted by your attempt to prove your life. Health care will keep you alive to enjoy this experience, and I believe will prove to be cheaper, and better than regular health care. I was on Medicare for a few years, when I was first diagnosed with CHF, and loved it. My doctors spent a lot more time with me, than when I had insurance at a factory, and they just got me out of their in 5 minutes. Reason is, the govt health care has requirements. Your doctor works with you, and see themselves as part of your health mgmt. team, instead of looking at you as a client. Having been in both systems, I would say Govt. health care is vastly superior ( excluding VA ), and when people experience it, they will be happy.

    This will cause the Republicans to become a fringe party, and that makes them angry, and mean. Teabaggers will decimate the GOP, and Americans will see that voting Democratic is in their best interest. Then the Democrats just need to keep being the public servants we know they can be, and earn that control.
    1983 days ago
    you are all sooo right!
    1983 days ago
    The Republicans are not interested in creating jobs. Their sole purpose is to keep Obama from being reelected, even if they have to destroy the economy to accomplish that objective.
    1983 days ago
    Seriously, the GOP is no longer Grand, the situation's getting Old, and I think the Party's nearly over for them. We can't afford to have a radical political party gumming up the works, when most Americans are somewhere in the "moderate" camp. The remainder of the intelligent right needs to regroup and dethrone these extremists for good. Marginalize them as they should be - a fringe group.
    1983 days ago
    Not only are these facts true, just think how many more jobs Americans would have if the Republicans had voted for Obama's job creating programs. Economists estimate that unemployment would be at 5% if they had passed those laws!

    I for one am not grateful that all they've cared about was getting rid of Obama.

    I think he is the best president we've had in years and years and the most intelligent and brave and compassionate. Enough with the haters.
    1983 days ago
    Statistics don't lie!
    1983 days ago
    Hmmm..... that's all....hmmmmm....
    1983 days ago
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