Shopping in an open market and completing Insanity

Friday, September 14, 2012

My CSA box arrives on Wed afternoon. I get to chose the additions to the box but not the main veg. I can only say if I don't want a veg because of allergies etc. So I don't always get what I need. It has taught me to be careful with what I have and to use it up. No more throwing moldy veg from the fridge after a week or even two. My kids love the taste of fresh green beans etc.

This week we got purple okra, carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash, spinach (used on Rosh Hashana), arugula, leeks, cucumbers, spring onions, cilantro, parsley, eggplant, apples, avocado, mango, and of course pomegranates.

I journeyed to Jerusalem to meet my Mum and we went to Mahane Yehuda. It is not a farmers market it is a market. With all the hustle and bustle of a market. The prodcue is all fresh but guess what the tomatoes were also crazy prices, hubby bought chopped organic tomatoes and organic passata and we will make do without them.

I did buy lettuce, lemons (a trick with lemons is to keep them in the freezer ...they really freeze well), a pineapple, a fruit called Pimento in Hebrew, yellow dates (for Rosh Hashana), olives (4 types, including spicey ones), cabbage and starfruits.

Before we went into the market to shop. I have a coffee and spice place which is at the entrance to the market. It's a tiny little shop with lots of goodies. I buy my coffee beans there. I bought coffee beans, cinnamon sticks and my Mum bought some chamomile (the real stuff not teabags).

usually we have cold coffee there. They know we don't take sugar and make it frothy with just a little bit of milk. I had cold green tea with ginseng and it was very refreshing.

The staff there is so nice. They remember us even though we get to go there once every few weeks. They even remember what we like and give ideas for recipes.

I love Mahane Yehuda because it shows you the hustle and bustle of life. It has trendy market stores, and plain old stalls. You get the shouting of prices out loud and free tastes. I bought my hubby some Halva and asked my Mum to taste instead of me because I didn't want to taste it and she didn't mind. It was expensive enough so it better be good ;-).

I am now certified as Insane as you can get.
I am so excited that I completed 62 days of Insanity. I only have the fit test left.
If you expect to lose weight just by doing insanity don't. I screwed up big time with my eating and the only thing that kept me from being too hard on myself was the fact that I did insanity every day including vacations. Rest days count as insanity too ;-). I actually gained weight but I'm much more flexible than I ever was in my life. I can even almost do a man's push up. I'm going for round two next week.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Slenderellasue - I'm sure it would work with lime as well. We don't see many limes...maaybe once a year I will have a nice surprise in my CSA box.
    Lilac_Lane - Your more than invited if you ever get here...

    By the way you and I know it's not muscle it's what I eat..but a year from now we will laugh at how we used to live our lives controlled by food.
    2014 days ago

    What a wonderful blog! And thanks for the tip about lemons, I would never think to freeze them. I guess a lime would do equally as well in the freezer?

    Have you ever tried a frozen grape? They are totally yummy.

    Enjoy the holidays...
    2014 days ago
    Your commitment to exercising is really inspiring to me.
    Muscle does weigh more than fat, so I doubt what you are eating could make you gain weight as hard as you are working out. I've gained a few pounds since I started weight lifting. It will all even out eventually :)

    Wow, my husband and I have always wanted to travel to Israel.
    It's the #1 place we would go if we were able to leave our 2 special kids
    for more than a night :)

    Wishing you a joyous celebration with your family!
    2014 days ago
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