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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some people say Believe and it will come true. I guess I don't believe enough! Its like Dr. Phil saids"How's that working for you"? And excuses boy do I have those. I thought if I got a treadmill(real nice one) and spent a lot of money on it that I would feel guilty and have to get on it. Thats works sometimes. Mostly not... Then my foot hurts, too tired,and one I use all the time is if I go shopping thats walking because I am worn out when I do. Are I'm not that fat(40lbs overweight). My doctor saids"I am and I need to be on that treadmill at least 10 minutes a day if not 30 or 20. I guess I'm waiting for a heart attack or a stoke. My mom used to say"You don't want to go thru what I have been thru". She had 2 By-Passes!
It comes down to this: I don't believe it will happen to me,yada,yada,yada!

And the food part. I love to cook and eat good food. All the time. My favorite time is when my husband goes to work and I can sit and watch my reality shows and eat anything I want and as much as I want. Am I CRAZY?? I think that is my hobby. Are have you ever cooked something and after you ate tons of it you realized thats not really what you wanted?? So I eat more of something else.

Well today is the day(how many times have I said that?) I will get on that treadmill,even if its for 10 min and try not to pigg out. And try to get REAL!!

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    My mother also had a bypass. A quadruple one and she's a tiny lady! That scared me enough into wanting to get healthier. Here's to your success. We can do this. Now jump on your treadmill and you can still watch your shows. :)
    1966 days ago
    You can do it! Now as soon as you read this, go get on, even if it's only 3 minutes! You'll feel better about yourself, I swear you will.
    1970 days ago
    only you can find the motivation in yourself to JUST DO IT
    we can all root for you but YOU still have to do the work
    I suggest you set yourself a goal make a day planner or use a calendar and set a goal to exercise 10 min a day and check it off every time you do it, then I bet you can make it a healthy habit and will want to increase the time
    1974 days ago
    Tnx for friending me and reading my blogs! emoticon
    1976 days ago
    I am SO AT THE SAME PLACE AS YOU,! emoticon
    1976 days ago
  • KAREN608
    Put on some walking music and get on that expensive treadmill. Every day.
    You are worth it.
    Don't make your treadmill sit all alone like that.

    Using it is like brushing your teeth or any daily thing you do...
    you just do it because it is part of your daily routine. The TV
    can wait. Or put it by the treadmill...? Would that help?
    1976 days ago
    Don't wait for a wake up call because it might not be a "mild" stroke or heart attack. It could be deadly! Challenge yourself to workout 10 minutes a day and stop the harmful overeating. Plan your meals ahead of time and then stick to them including portion sizes. You will be amazed how quickly you will lose weight if your body is used to overeating. You can do this. Your life hangs in the balance. It seems crazy to wait for a brush with death or a horrible diagnosis from your doctor to have your "wake up call." Do it YOURSELF! You will love yourself for it.
    1980 days ago
  • DEBRA0818
    I had to get totally radical on myself in order to have a chance -- as long as I was eating anything with wheat or sugar in it, I was pushed to eat all the time. I spent most of my adult life going on and off diets (mostly off) with no real success because I just could not give up those foods and as long as I was eating them losing weight was not possible. It was a really hard reality for me to accept, but I finally have. There are a lot of things that people who have genetic vulnerabilities have to do in order to live -- this is what I have to do. Accepting that (no matter how I feel) has made a big difference in my life.
    1984 days ago
    I also wrote a blog a few months ago about all my excuses...and believe me, I have plenty, too. Getting real about your issues and challenges is a great step forward. Now, make a pledge to do 10 minutes today on the treadmill (I hate exercise, so I know what I'm asking you to so), or if it's too late today, then tomorrow. Anybody can do 10 minutes of something, but you have to want it first. That would be a great second step forward. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon We all have ups and downs...and if we say we don't, we are deceiving ourselves. The key is to have more up times than down times and to keep trying our very best to keep moving forward!! Best to you, my friend! Hugs, Jeannie emoticon emoticon
    1984 days ago
    My former husband died of a massive stroke due to diabetes which was a result of not taking care of himself. He also had open heart surgery. I watched two of my three brothers go through open heart surgery and diabetes. I decided I don't want to go there, so I push myself to walk and make more healthy food choices. I like not having to take medication and being able to do the things that I enjoy. It sure beats the alternative!
    1984 days ago
    Getting real is the best thing you can do for yourself. Lying to yourself only sets you up for failure. Check out my blog about the journey of the butt if you haven't I say that specifically that I had to be real with myself.
    You can do this. If I could so can you. You only have the one life so live it out loud and fully.
    Best of everything to you.
    1984 days ago
    Start with ten minutes. And then tomorrow you can start with ten minutes. Put that 10 minutes into your Other goals and keep track of it. Keep doing the ten minutes a day challenge as if every day you are starting again. I find that works for me. emoticon
    1984 days ago
    I have tried for a long time to find a way to make dieting, exercise, and weight loss easy and fun and it just hasn't worked for me. I have finally come to the conclusion that if I hope to do it I will have to force myself to and I am. It isn't as bad once I get started. I do any number of other things that I hate to do because they are important. This is no different. Meet you on the treadmill.
    1984 days ago
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