Thursday, September 13, 2012

I swear, every time I decide to go on a diet, my boyfriend has to sabotage it.

Prime example number 1:
This was before we started dating. We work together. Him and another coworker went and bought coney dogs and French fries from a Coney island. He couldn't finish his two coney dogs. He asks me if I want one. They smelled so good and I wanted to have one so bad. But I had literally just started weight watchers the week before, so I said no. "C'mon, you know you want it." no I don't. "here I'll set it down right here and if you eat it nobody will know. I won't tell." and he goes and sits it down right next to me. Now it was within sight and within reach. It was so tempting. The idiot thought he could pull one over on me. The temptation test had been won and I found someone else to eat it before I could give in. I ate my banana instead.

Prime example number 2:
I restart weight watchers, and his mom makes homemade spaghetti sauce. Turn on the drool factor because this sauce is DELICIOUS! But we won't even touch how bad it is for you. Now, I can't blame him on this one I guess, but I'm going to anyway because I never went to a meeting again. NOTE: I'm an Italian food FREAK I love love LOVE it and it is my kryptonite. I will not go without just to lose weight. I'd rather be a few pounds over my goal if I'm eating Italian, homemade biscuits and gravy, or homemade chicken and dumplings. Anything else I could care less about. And he's half Italian and makes awesome Italian food, so basically I'm screwed.

Prime example 3 and 4:
Okay, lemme just say this has all happened since march, but these two were yesterday.
The day before I wanted chocolate, but he locked his keys in his car so he couldn't leave while we were working. And nobody "knows" that we are together in the sense that everybody knows, but only on our shift and we've never confirmed to anybody. So it's all just a true rumor. So he couldn't take my car. He was going for something for himself too, not just me. So I come into work today and he hands me a kitkat. Not just any kitkat, but a large kitkat at that. Cue yet another drool factor just because it is chocolate. Half of that king size is 210 calories. Cue the ouch factor. But we split it.

So now for number four. One of our other coworkers (the only one that officially knows about us because she was the person we talked to when it all started) went to burger king and asked me if I wanted anything, I said no, I'm on a diet. She goes and asks my boyfriend if he wants anything and he says "did you ask Jessica if she wants anything?" she said yes. "is she getting anything?" "no, she said she's on a diet." "yes she is. Get her a coke icee." now, from our research back when I was on weight watchers the second time, we found coke Icees are not that bad for you. So he took that in consideration and didnt get me a hershey pie. But still. SABOTAGE!

So yeah, my boyfriend who supports me in everything I do says I'm beautiful and I don't need to change but will support me if I want to do this is buying me all this bad stuff.

Diagnosis: Sabotage!
Solution: love him for it because he's just trying to make me happy :)

Now, on a happier note: I haven't had fast food since Saturday, which was only TimHortons. For those of you that might not know, that is a coffee shop type deal that has panini, doughnuts, and more. So my actual real fast food I haven't had since...sometime last week. SCORE! I'm a French fry addict, especially to mcdonalds, so it's a huge win for me. I don't consider Tim hortons or subway fast food, but it is money being spent out of pocket, so I'm trying to stay away because of that.
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    I hear you. I went on WW a few years back and lost 25 pounds. (I managed to keep it off until 6 months ago, then gained bakc 7 pounds - hence why I'm on Spark). My husband is great but he just couldn't understand why I wanted to lose weight since I technically wasnt "fat". He would say, "but I think you look great! who are you trying to lose weight for??"

    I finally sat him down and explained I wanted to lose weight for ME, not him. And that if he couldn't encourage me, the least he could do was to remain silent. After a few times he got the hint. What helped also was avoiding fast food (like you said) and instead cooking mostly at home. We also went out to eat at regular restaurants, I was just careful and did my research beforehand so I could order what I wanted. I also snacked a lot on healthy items with 0-1 points (veggies, popped corn etc), so that it didn't seem like I was "starving" myself to him.

    Hang in there! :)
    1894 days ago
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