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Try it you'll like it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

O.k. so the title makes it sound like I'm trying to push food on people. I'm not. It's just that giving food at least a try is something I'm all too familiar with since i have little kids. This being said, my words wouldn't have much value if I wasn't willing to give various fruits and veggies a try too.

I've always enjoyed trying new food. What new food did I try? Cactus! My mom has a neighbor who cooked some up for her in a pico de gallo. When I was over at my mom's home she offered some to me. Naturally I was thrilled to give it a try.

I already adore homemade pico de gallo, but how could I say no to some with cactus? I've seen them at the store, but never dared to buy any because a: they are pricey b: I would be afraid of overcooking it and c: I'm certain I'd tenderize my poor fingers with the needles. None of these issues applied with the pico de gallo though, so I dug in.

The verdict? A-mazing. It was absolutely fabulous. By itself the cactus reminded me vaguely of cooked green beans. Not exactly, though. I don't think tossing green beans in pico de gallo would have the same effect, nor would I recommend it.

Not exactly Bizarre Foods, but it was a fun new food to try all the same.

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