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How do people eat well/exercise without getting tired of it

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So I am sitting on the carpet of a room with a huge cage with guinea pigs simply munching on their hay. They have the good life, I feed them the healthiest food. In addition to their main food hay and their pellets, they get the best fruits and vegetables. All they really have to do is move so that way they'll probably poop better. Meanwhile, being a person, on top of the responsibilities of life, I have to work on eating well and exercising. It gets pretty tiring after a while. It get tiring, and I'm not even working that hard. I was watching TV this morning and the commercial for the Insanity workout came on. I really don't know how people can commit to it. I have a hard enough time commiting to a magazine subscription. I recently subscriped to Shape magazine and I'm not loving it. I love Self magazine however (great articles etc).

Nevertheless, some days I am just tired. It is very hard to go from someone that munches all day and is a complete junk food addict to someone that eats healthy between 50-75% of the time. Maybe it'll get easier with time. I know people say that healthy living isnt a diet, it is truely a lifestyle. When I hear that I think that I am screwed. I have never lost weight on a diet--I have actually gained (I'm terrible with consistency). I have found results with increasing my activity level and just trying to live healthier these last few months through sparkpeople. I feel like I'm just rambling now. Maybe I'm just procrastinating, typing instead of reading my many articles worth of work.

So, if you are out there, raise up your fist and shake it. Darn you healthy living, you do get tiring. But dang it, as long as I'm on sparkpeople, I will work towards these freakin' healthy living goals.
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    *raising a fist and shaking it* Ok, now what? :-D

    In the beginning, I found it extremely hard to even think about staying on track, regardless if it was food or movement. And that was when I was highly motivated. But the longer I kept at it, the longer I worked the program, the easier it got.

    But even today, it's still not easy all the time. Simple, but not easy.

    Then again, my life isn't easy to begin with, even though sometimes I wish *I* were. :-P

    I can't stress this enough - tackle ONE habit at a time, and when you've accomplished it to at least 60% for at least 60% of the time, bring on one more habit. And that includes fitness. I certainly didn't start my fitness routine at 75 mins/day - 5x/week! If I had, I would have given up by now. No, at first, I stuck to 3 days a week, if only to build up endurance. It was a full 2 months before I bumped it up to 4 days a week, and when I did, I made sure NOT to increase the intensity or the length of the workout. One more day a week helped for nearly another 4 months, and then something magically happened: I *wanted* to do that 5th day a week. Before those days, I was the biggest slug I knew. So, one healthy habit at a time, 60% success 60% of the time, then increase and improve.

    The type of fitness you need is the one you enjoy the most. I read that recently on one of the SparkMails, and it's so true. Walking is NOT one of my favourite activities to do, which is why I enjoy Walk Away The Pounds so much, because it's MORE than walking. At its core, it's still walking, and that is THE BEST starter exercise for just about everyone. Confused? :-D WATP is so much more than walking, it combines upper body strength movements and alternative leg movements, and Leslie Sansone insists it's not dancing. I can tell you she's right. And it's my favourite go-to workout. I love it, it's fun, it makes me happy, Leslie is motivating in ways that many other DVD workout gurus can't compete with, and for me, the most important thing that needs repeating, IT'S FUN!

    My challenge to you is to find ONE fitness activity you used to love to do as a kid. Did you enjoy running? Skip-rope? Hop-scotch? Dancing in the living room while Dad tried to blow out the speakers while listening to Beach Boys? (Sorry, that was me. :-D ) When the Olympics were on TV, did you find yourself drawn to a particular sport because you knew more about it or it looked like a lot of fun? And I'm not talking about the men in Speedos competitions, either. *blink* *blink* Oh, who am I kidding?? I'd jump in the pool with them too! :-D

    Try to find one before the end of the month, and work out a schedule that YOU can keep, that fits with your time at school and study, and that although you might look like a Hot Mess (that look is my second favourite.... first is the FFL), it's how your heart and mind enjoy the challenge that will be the most important thing. And if you find after 2-5 months that the activity just isn't interesting anymore, change it up! You have access to a university gym, and I envy you for that. And if they have a pool, well, I'll just be jealous way over here on the Canadian East Coast. :-P

    I can't wait to hear about the day your favourite junk food is no longer appealing to you. :-D And if you keep at the Healthy Lifestyle, with every baby step you need to take, it will happen. Really. It will.

    Spark on!
    1835 days ago
    Allow yourself days off. I agree with you, healthy eating is boring. Life without cheese, beer, crisps and desserts is just not worth living. I eat at the low end of my calorie allowance Monday-Friday, healthy-ish,but once a week I eat whatever I fancy, and I have at least 4 beers. It is all planned, then tracked, then I work out my weekly totals. Usually it's around right. Sometimes a bit over, occasionally a little under, but no sweat. I don't go to the gym and do heavy workouts, that's not for me, but I swim a couple of times a week, I do the rowing and cycling machines, but only for 15 minutes each, and a do classes in tai chi and karate. I also walk rather than use the car, at every opportunity. That lot burns off a whopping 2500 calories a week, which is well over one days food! Probably the one I've had off. It means I don't crave things, I don't feel guilty, and I don't feel I've fallen off the wagon. Hope this helps. And PS apart from strawberries and nectarines, I hate fruit and veg, it's a real ordeal to eat them and I only do that for my health. emoticon
    PPS I have 3 guinea pigs too, they get all my veg!
    1835 days ago

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    People don't get tired of eating healthy foods because they find food that they really enjoy. In this journey, you have to find foods that you will enjoy. Sparkpeople is a resource has plenty of great recipes and workouts for beginners. Finding a routine that works for you is really key. Personally, I feel horrible when I know I'll miss a workout :p
    1835 days ago
    It's very difficult but if we really want to get fit and healthy, it's worth it right?
    1835 days ago
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