First week Down - sept 1 - 7th

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hello, just a little info on what i did on my first week with spark.

September 1 - 7th 2012.


I joined spark as i need that constant motivation and almost a challenge/ not against everyone else but against myself and not wanted to post a 0 weight loss (Not at this early stage).

I used to play semi-professional football so enjoy exercise and pushing myself hard (Car crash ruined my football playing).

I have put on 4 stone in the last year and i knew i didnt have a great diet but also knew that this weight increase is out of the blue as my diet has not got any worse that had been the year previous. I had to keep going to the doctors to get check and was checked for diabeties and cushions syndrome - came back negative im glag to say.

I then had test for Hydrothyriodism and this test came back showing that my thoriod no longer worked and can only assume it was roughly a year ago. I am not on tablets and 6 weekly blood checks to get the dosage right, i have been told i will be on LEVOTHROXINE for life.

Now Onto Health KICK

I started on the 1st of september but did not exercise to the monday 3rd due to waiting for gym membership being made live.

1/9/12 - On the 1st i simply cut back on portion size, was having same food just 60 % portions.

2/9/12 - This day was pretty much the same as the first except i was tracking everything so could see how the calorie counting side worked.

3/9/12 - I got up on the monday at6 am and was at the gym for 6.55 awaiting its opening at 7. I carried out a little stretch then jumped straight on the epillator/cross trainer and went for 30 minutes, had a little stretch and then straight onto the bicycle for 10 minutes. I was happy with this workout for the first time in a long while. On the food front i made a mistake by not eating in the morning leaving too many calories at night and having to over eat to get near the calories i should be consuming.

4/9/12 - Same again i got up and at the gym for opening time, i managed to do an extra 5 minutes on the epillator and and some walking on the treadmill (Carnt run at this weight as still have to wear a lower back support due to car crash). Once work out completed i headed to work and this time made sure i had packed some apples and oranges which i ate for breakfast. I am now using the tracker for weight, nutrition and workout effectively and ensuring i put every bit of food i eat into tracker.
MID_WEEK UNOFFICIAL WEIGH IN - I had lost 6lbs by this point so was really happy and my motivation had taken a boost.

5/9/12 - I got up little earlier and had 2 crumpets for breakfast as i am trying to use calories in the morning rather than on an evening. I was unable to go the gym as i had to drop my eldest daughter from a previous relationship to nursery. I used this as a day of rest but ensured i stayed within calories.

6/9/12 - I got carried away watching tv the night before and did not wake up till 7.30am sleeping through alarm so was unable to go to the gym that morning before work. I made sure i took fruit for work, i did not use missing gym in morning as excuse and instead made sure i went straight from work and put in a longer workout. I started on the epilator for 35 minutes then on bike for 15 and then back on epillator for 5 more minutes. I really did work out hard.

7/9/12 - The first official weigh in day on my spark journey, i got up as normal and had cereal this time to use some calories up, then i went to the gym and pushed my self hard and upped the intensity but not the time as only have max 70 minutes before i have to shower and get changed for work. I started on the epillator 35 minutes then the bike for 15 then back to epillator to finish off.
I got home after work and OFFICIAL FIRST WEEK WEIGH IN - i was shocked to see i had lost 15lbs in a week, this is amazing and i feel so good for it.

Well thats my first week overview.. I am hoping to lose over 5 on second week.
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