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Why Today Of All Days?!

Monday, September 10, 2012

It seems that I've had the munchies all day long and I felt myself cave into them several times but why today? Of all days, when I weigh in, in the morning?! I do know though that I've done so good mostly all week with the eating and the exercising, so that will show up too, but it just doesn't make sense to have such a struggle on the day before weigh-in. I guess that if we didn't have a struggle, we wouldn't be alive or even care and that wouldn't be good. I do care, the majority of the time. I tried to justify myself tonight and I thought that with reality, when a person sheds 62 pounds, they don't keep going down to goal without a struggle. We know that there will be bumps and road-blocks, etc., but we just do what we need to do to keep going and a little more harder than before. So I know that I'm normal, but still.........! I'll just keep on moving and grooving along! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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  • WINNIE1978
    I think we all have days like this. Hang in there... you are doing great! emoticon
    1649 days ago
  • _LINDA
    You sure aren't the only one! I caved to a bag of hot buttery popcorn (I refuse to eat it dry -too scratchy on a raw throat) All of us get the munchies. So fine, deal and move on, tomorrow is another day, and we can recover. The key is to never give up and keep trying, you got this!! Drink plenty of extra water to help get rid of any excess sodium that might have been in your snacks, that might help.
    I am in trouble, my scale went down. It a very old LED scale, one of the first to come out and runs on a 9 volt battery, so I am hoping its just the battery that is dead, but I know they don't last forever. I really liked it as it was within one pound of my Dr.'s scale all the time, so pretty accurate.
    I'll join you mooving and grooving!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1657 days ago
    What a wonderful attitude about it! I splurged and caved really bad to pancakes last week. I had them on Monday AND Tuesday night and I still lost a pound, so don't stress too bad. We are who we are and cravings come and go.

    I know you can do it, and if you don't lose a pound by tomorrow, weight again on Thursday and enter that weight instead! I have done that before, and I didn't feel badly about it at all. What's one day, right?

    We've had this sinfully delicious ice cream here in the house all week and I finished it off Sunday night so it would be gone before my weigh-in day! And when we went shopping yesterday, I refused to let Aunt Di buy it and told her it couldn't be in the house unless there is a special occasion (because I would have eaten it all in 3 days!).

    Hug yourself and forgive. Be good the rest of the day and tomorrow will you will see the progress, my dear.

    Hugs, Angela
    1657 days ago
    i understand. sometimes, the day after big calorie expenditures, i'll want to eat ALL day. i work hard to choose healthy stuff, but i surely don't like days when i just want to eat, eat, EAT!!! sometimes if i drink instead of eat, it helps, but those days are just hard. emoticon emoticon
    1657 days ago
    I believe that, those of us who deal with true food issues, will always have our struggles in that area. Meaning well after we reach goal! That truth seems overwhelming to me at times; however, it really is not the worst trial to have to deal with. I thank our Creator God that I don't have some really devastating life issue to deal with - like no wholesome food choices to be had – as many people on planet Earth are faced with. God bless them!

    I also believe that the struggles around food that we deal with go much deeper than simply making sure that we successfully meet all the mechanics of dropping pounds. Therefore, the best I can come up with when facing the seemingly (almost) over powering urge to eat beyond what my body actually needs, is to try to ride it out while involving myself in activities until that urge passes. I am not always successful in doing so; however, each time I have ended up on the side of success through such a time of temptation, it has made the next time a bit easier to deal with.

    I had such a day as you described just this past Sunday. I ended up going to the high end of my allotted calories - not one beyond though. emoticon Still, for me to succeed to goal, I know that I just cannot go to the high end too often.

    God bless you, sweet Karen!

    1657 days ago
    Oh, you're going to keep moving, down, down down! Bumps in the road are PROGRESS! Trust me, I've been there (still there just trying to be more posiitve). You're one GREAT lady and you'll reach that goal weight even if it takes longer than your plan.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1657 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/11/2012 1:33:27 PM
    I find those days very irritating. Some say they are due to triggers. I usually break them with a really low carb day.
    1657 days ago
  • TORTISE110
    We lose and then forget how much is behind already. You have accomplished so much! You are so aware.
    1657 days ago
    I'll bet your weigh in goes better than you think. It is hard to stay on track sometimes...for sure...but just pick yourself up, dust off and keep your eye on the goal. I know you are too dedicated to ever give up!

    One other thing...maybe you do need the extra calories for some reason. Your body may be fighting off a cold or trying to recover from something. I have noticed in the past when I have restricted my calories too much on those days when I simply NEED to eat, I have gotten sick right after. So take care of yourself, listen to your body and at least munch healthy! :-)
    Good luck on your weigh in! emoticon
    1657 days ago
    Great attitude! emoticon emoticon We all have days like that, the good thing is you have WAY more good days than bad ones! emoticon
    1657 days ago
    1657 days ago
  • KAYE454
    like your blog
    1657 days ago
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