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Celtic Countdown Challenge - Final

Monday, September 10, 2012

emoticon Week 7 emoticon

Weight: 177 [+/-0]
Body fat %: 22.3% [-0.2%]
Body fat: 39.47lb [-0.35lb]

Bust: 38.5" [-/+0]
Waist: 28.5" [+/-0]
Low waist: 32.75" [-0.25"]
Hips: 37" [-/+0]
Bum: 40" [-/+0]
Thighs: 23.25" [+/-0]
Biceps: 11.75" [+/-0]
Calves: 16.25" [+/-0"]

Grand totals for challenge:
+1lb (Goal: -7lbs. Not met)
-2.2% body fat (Goal: -3%. Almost met)
-3.65lbs body fat (Did not have a specific goal, but I approve of almost 4lbs less fat on my body)
-4.5" total (Goal: -3". Exceeded)

So, I fell below most of the goals for this challenge, though that was kind of what I expected. I didn't really get a hold on myself until about midway through, and the results coincide with that. However, my body doesn't seem to like to shed weight, but it -has- been shedding body fat, so I'm still going to consider the challenge a success.
I leave for Ireland tonight, and have already packed some resistance bands and a skipping rope so I can make sure I get at least a small workout in each day in the hotel room before we go adventuring. I'm going to retake all these measurements when I come home because I know, in spite of all the alcohol that will be consumed this week, I -will- maintain the loss I've seen so far. I'm determined.

In other news, I did actually go out and buy a dress and a pair of shoes for the wedding, and it made me so angry that my always-angry fiance was my voice of reason to not pummel a bunch of people. That's dangerous. Oh my goodness, I hate shopping SO MUCH. I don't understand the women that go shopping ALL THE TIME because they enjoy it so much. I don't find it enjoyable at all. Everything is either ugly as sin, expensive as hell, or both. Almost five hours of my life was stolen from me doing this, to find a dress and pair of shoes I'm probably only going to wear once (unless someone else gets married. I'm going to be the female version of the guy who has one suit he wears to everything). And it cost me about $350. This was after I went to about six different shoe stores looking for three things: shoes that came in a size 11 (which is harder than one might expect), were not hideous, and were not going to cost me anywhere near $100 or more because they just aren't worth it to me. It was only in desperation at the fifth store I went to that I fully voiced my displeasure at the whole situation to the clerk who was trying to sell me their overpriced bullcrap, and he was actually nice enough to inform me of a Payless (cheap shoe store) that was near where I was. I ended up getting a pair of shoes there for $40. I'm not even going to get started on what I went through for the dress. I finally got one at Le Chateau, and I have to say that looking like I do, shopping in normal stores for a normal looking dress.. probably one of the most awkward situations I've ever been in. The woman helping me was very nice about it, but she's asking me questions and showing me other dresses and I'm like "Erm.. well.. Nothing here is a style I would wear by choice, really..." The one I ended up finding isn't too bad. It's an ok balance between my style and normal people's style, fairly pretty. And my butt looks AWESOME in it. We're going to try to get one of Lisa's friends to snap a few photos of us at her wedding so I'll have something to show everyone aside from a phone picture.

I'm super excited to be going on vacation. I haven't had even a chance of time like this since I was 19, so I'm going to thoroughly enjoy myself. Lots of pictures and a super long blog will likely follow when I return. I will probably log on once a day or so to at least give everything on Spark a quick look through, but probably nothing intense.

Positives this week:
emoticon Managed to find something "normal" to wear to Lisa's wedding
emoticon I get to go on vacation today. Duh. haha
emoticon I have gone out of my way to create a workout plan with bands that I can do while on vacation in my hotel room
emoticon Did not completely stuff my face at Alex's company picnic yesterday, in spite of all the delicious food available

Things to work on:
emoticon Am second guessing myself about university
emoticon I've not been sleeping well the last few days, and it's been obvious in my food choices
emoticon Although I've mostly managed to stay within my calorie range, it's been at the very high end and not with quality food like it should be
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm not a fan of clothes shopping for the most part either. I can totally relate.

    I hope you have a blast on your vacation, and yes, please post lots of pictures so I can live vicariously through you. Ireland! I'm jealous!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1779 days ago
    Can totally relate to you with the shopping experience. I once wasted half my day trying to find something "nice" to wear for an occation (ugh...) and came home with absolutely nothing besides a little angry storm cloud floating around over my head. I despise shopping, especially for dresses or other crap that I'm most likely never going to wear again.
    Glad to hear you survived the experience! Congrats on the body fat loss and enjoy your vacation!
    1779 days ago
    You made a lot of progress and progress is progress.
    Have a great time on vacation
    1780 days ago
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