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How I know this is happening

Sunday, September 09, 2012

I've been consistently exercising and working out for nearly 6 months. I've consistently lost weight every month. I've been eating relatively healthy foods, while still managing to have some things that are too decadent for a diet. Nachos at the movies, chocolate when I am PMSing, the fancy weekend dinner "normally choosing a healthy option" and of course the occasional, no am lying, frequent morning coffee at costa, or starbux when am shopping, costa is at my work and starbux is normally in shopping malls. I do get a skinny latte with sugar free vanilla or 1 brown sugar, and in starbux I normally go for a light caramel frappo...

All in all, I'd say that am managing my life quite well, despite of everything else that isn't related to weight loss, and that is 80% of it.

Do I still have days when I don't wanna move a muscle and eat whatever the hell it is I want? Of course! And I do sometimes, and the reasons vary from not losing a pound that week or looking at the mirror and still seeing a fat girl despite of the weight I've lost, or if someone gave me a look, or work was stressful. The reasons are endless. But I find that the more I stick to my lifestyle, those days happen less and less, and when they do, they only last half a meal. where I realize am binging I just throw it away and go do something different or active, just to get my mind off of whatever is causing the binge or bad mood. It works for me.

I've mentioned before how I've been happy lately. And that is still true. I still have miles ahead of me on this journey, but I am in for the long haul. That is what the past 6 months of consistency has proved to me, that I am capable of losing weight and getting healthy for life. When you're on vacation and you're thinking about how your're gonna get in your workout, or steps, or calories burned, you know you're in it. When you are stressed at work, and drive home after, and pick up a quick meal, of some grilled proteins and make a quick salad and have that for dinner/lunch, you know you're in it. When you have a binge, and stop yourself, and go out for a walk, or a workout, you know you're in it. When nothing will stop you from reaching your goal, you know you're in it. I know I am in it for the long haul. This is happening, 37.4 pounds lost -- 17 Kg, many inches here and there lost, 2 jeans sizes down, half my PJs are too big for me, I am wearing high heals more often lately to show off my new more slimmer figure.

Yes. This is happening! I look forward to the next 37.4 pounds.. And many more. No pressure..

EDIT: that's 39 pounds lost -- 17.7 kg as of right now!!!
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