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Finding the Balance...A Lost Cause?

Sunday, September 09, 2012

So I have managed to do my workouts 5/7 days for last week (which was my goal). I made step count 6/7 days (missed Monday of the long weekend...not a huge surprise there). Today I am still short by about 2,000 steps at 6:30 PM so not sure if I will actually make my count. May go for a short walk here before the rain hits again.

I did a marathon 7 hours of dictations today (actual speaking time was probably only 1.5 hours but trying to type that out and edit took a long time). I am now ready to start studying for my first big test that counts toward my final grade. I am going to go over all my notes, and reading material and take all the bold words out of the material and find their meanings to build up my word list. I have tried building it as I go but I still haven't found a good way of doing it in either Excel or Word. I also tend to jot down words I hear as I am doing my dictations and looking up the spelling and meaning. Who knew that learning medical terminology would be so hard. I mean I have a lot of experience listening to doctors when they would talk about conditions that my Grandma or my Dad were suffering from and I was a sickly child so I remember hearing about blood tests, urinalysis and other medical jargon. I also learned a lot by reading about various cancer treatments when my nephew was diagnosed in 1993 when he wasn't quite 2 years old. He is now a very healthy and sometimes stupid 21-year-old young man (stupid in actions not his actual intelligence level).

I have also found annoying habits of people who dictate that I really want to strangle them for. Like sniffing, eating, shuffling papers and speed talkers. Although I am one of those people who tends to get asked to repeat themselves due to the fact that I do tend to speak quickly. However, I do try to be courteous when I leave messages for people on their voice mail and slow down my speech and try to speak clearly and make the message as short as possible. I know I hate getting messages at work where people please say "Call me back on this number" but don't actually give the number, my work is a little behind on the technology stand point and we don't have caller ID so unless the person calls us back or we have a contract for them with contact numbers they don't get a return call.

My daughters are enjoying school so far. Both are part of the senior band and our younger one is also joining the jazz band (she plays the euphonium and is learning to play the trumpet as well). The oldest one will be graduating in June 2013 and is already nervous about it. She does have a plan and I so desperately want her to succeed. She is going to have to apply for a lot of grants, scholarships and bursaries to get the money together for her apprenticeship program but I know she can do it. The younger one has joined the drag racing team as well. They are going to rebuild a 1980-something Camero and their teacher will actually race it on an amateur night at the local drag strip at the race track.

I am still struggling with balancing my exercise, school and work but have felt better the last 2 weeks since I started doing regular workouts again so I know that my foul mood and general grouch mode was due to not moving my body. I should have known and done something about it long before I did but during the summer I never want to actually do anything and I always feel like a slug. I think it is because our local pool sucks so I never go there (that and it is full of horrible childhood memories of being forced to swim competitively) and the beach is not really my thing. I really miss our little 18 foot round pool, even if it was only 20 inches deep.

Okay enough rambling. I need to go and get those last 2,000 steps in and sitting in front of the computer isn't going to get me there.
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