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25 Weeks

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Hello Everyone, we are now closing in on 6 months of pregnancy, just one more week to go.

This week baby Sprout Silk is the size of a cauliflower, and hovering somewhere close to 2 pounds! It took so long to get to this point I feel like 2 pounds is huge, and from here on out it is about a pound of weight gain a week! Up until next week if Sprout was born she would still be a micro-preemie, but by week 27 she would just be a "regular" preemie (and has a 95% survival rate) which is pretty amazing. The whole my inside baby being on the outside is slightly mind blowing. Her now almost constant movement is starting to help me get prepared though.

And something very exciting this week. Hiccups! At least... I am pretty sure they are hiccups... they basically just feel like very rhythmic kicks; so either this baby is getting ready for her first drum set, or we have hiccups going on in here. Would you like to know what else? Braxton hicks! These are really hardly noticeable but basically it just means my belly feels harder than normal for a second or two. I probably wouldn't notice it, except my uterus is now the size of a freakin' soccer ball.

According to thebump.com Sprouty is also learning about balance this week, and should start to be able to feel up from down. I feel like this is really unfortunate. If I had to sit for months standing on my head in someone's belly I would really prefer NOT to know that I was doing so.

Here is the freaky list of symptoms I am supposed to be having this week: Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Gas and Bloating, Heartburn, All-over aches and pains, trouble sleeping, stretch marks, and so the list goes on. I, luckily, do not have the vast majority of these issues. I do have all-over aches and pains, but really the pain is mostly back, feet, belly and neck. I am also not sleeping well but I think it has much, much, more to do with my crazy stress level than it has to do with the baby. I probably need prenatal yoga on a daily, rather than weekly basis to get me through! I also find that I am super thirsty at night, like drinking 3 full glasses of water at random times during the night. It is very odd.

On a positive note, I have been getting a ton of compliments. People really, really like to talk about bellies I guess! Most of them say something along the lines of "cute belly!" or "wow, are you getting close?" or "I love your bump" if people think I am big now I hate to think what it will be like in another 3 months. The comments may turn along the lines of "is that a boat in there?" or "did you swallow a small calf?"

And on another positive note my birthday party/baby shower is on Saturday! Hooray!
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    You look adorable! emoticon
    2014 days ago
    You look wonderful and I think a very appropriate size for 25 weeks!:)
    2014 days ago
    Almost at that last trimester emoticon Hasn't the time just flown by?

    That's awesome that you haven't had any real bad symptoms. I think every pregnant woman has sleep issues but I always hated how they said it is preparing you for when the baby comes. I don't need preparation, let me sleep now so I am reasted for when the baby comes is always what I thought!

    Hope you have a great time at your birthday/shower. Post lots of pics :)
    2014 days ago
    you look fantastic dont listen to anybody else!! i had people ask me if i was having triplets!!! (even when they knew there was only one!) now i know i was big, but COME ON!!! you dont make fun of a woman's belly size when shes pregnant!!!
    2015 days ago
    You look great and I'm not just saying that. Good luck with all of the symptoms. I can't wait until we get to a baby-ready stage in our lives - we're just not there yet :)

    Just a few more months until you get to meet your angel in person and your life is forever changed for the better.

    Have fun at your baby shower and happy early birthday! So much to celebrate! emoticon

    2015 days ago
  • IRP1114
    OH and the drinking water at night sounds totally normal to me! I think I have my pregnancies and nursing to thank for my awesome water drinking habits... I ended up nursing over 5 years total out of the last decade of my life actually! Crazy right? I actually just stopped about a month ago for good now. I know that sounds super crazy now days.
    I always had water bottles all over the house and needed to see them filled constantly because I would always be so thirsty. I would have dreams I was thirsty and I would be drinking water but couldn't feel it in my mouth like my tongue still felt dry. Id finally wake up and drink the bottle I had next to the bed. I can now easily drink water while laying down because of this too. And I am in such a good habit of waking up to drink water that I have to try to remember not to if I want to weigh in that morning.
    Some comments made about me and my water bottles make me think I am probably slightly paranoid about being thirsty. Like my husband will say we are only going to the store for one thing do you have to refill your water bottle again right now. Onc of my boys asked if I had water with me while we where out and my sister said "doesn't she always?" So no need to think it is weird lol ; )! During pregnancy they say the water is like the baby's constatnd diaper changes in a way. You'll get use to it!
    2015 days ago
  • IRP1114
    Yay! Love feeling lots of movement. And hiccups are funny aren't they? Except at night lol! Hope you can find a way to lower your stress levels. That is a very hard but necessary thing to do during pregnancy. My last pregnancy was the biggest challenge when it came to stress especially since hubby unexpectedly lost his job one month after we found out we where expecting! And we had just recently within the last year gone from two incomes to one. So I did everything I could on a daily basis to just be grateful and focus on all the positives in my life and keep taking it one day at a time. So I hope you can find a way to lower stress somehow too ;-)! It is going to get physically harder to sleep in the last few weeks so right now is the time for you to really enjoy restful nights. Your blogs always make me smile by the way. I love how much you think about everything that is going on inside you at each step along the way. Have fun at your shower/b-day!!! Enjoy. Hope it is just the way you want it to be.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2015 days ago
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