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My weight loss issues

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Okay, spark land. I posted this blog on my wordpress site, but thought the content was relevant, so I'm sharing this here too.


Alright. So, I joined with the goal of losing about 30-40 lbs in February 2010. Two years later and Iím still at it. At one point I saw 10 lbs lost, but currently Iím at the 6 lb lost range on a steady plateau. Why canít I seem to go lower? Why have I been stuck on a plateau. Two years and 30-40 lbs should be no issue. Well, my goal is to answer that question today with some reasons I think Iím stuck and not losing. No answers really to these issues today, as fixing these areas will be a continual struggle, but hopefully some insight will come.

1. Working out consistently Ö

What do I mean by this? Well, there are some days where I get at least 30 min for 3 days (my minimum goal) and sometimes I get more. But then I get lazy or procrastinate and I donít do it for whatever reason (like yesterday), and then one day off snowballs into multiple days off and then I have to work to start all over. I know that it takes like 30 days to start a habit Ö well, I havenít been able to keep a consistent workout schedule for that long. A few reasons as to why not are Ö For one, its just me. My hubby has expressed multiple times interest in wanting to work out as well, but to be honest, he is even lazier than me. For two, yes, it is easier to just sit in my chair and get distracted playing games or browsing the internet than it is to get my workout shoes on and go for a jog or drive to the gym. With the 90 degree weather from summer not dropping until the evening after the sun sets, the desire to workout without light is non-existent too. I know I need to cut out the excuses and plan my workouts like an appointment, but all is easier said than done.

2. How hard I work out Ö

I go on my own and do ST and will do like 30 lbs on my legs and 10 lbs on my arms. Then I go do it with a trainer, and she has me do like 30 lbs on my arms and 50 lbs on my legs. Why donít I do the higher weight on my own? My answer to this is two-fold. One, the higher weight is more of a struggle to meet all the reps sometimes. Two, I donít know my own body to know when to increase and what is really too high or too low.

3. Tracking what I eat Ö

There are a few reasons why I donít like doing this. One, time to enter and log everything, especially if its something new thatís not already in the tracker. Two, remembering to actually log on and enter. Three, dinner is homemade and husband doesnít measure so it can be a struggle to actually get accurate counts. Four, I know that I eat bad stuff, so why do I want to see it written down? Are we trying to get me depressed???

4. Eating healthy Ö

I have gotten better at this but I still struggle. The biggest things that I have are cookies (double stuffed oreos), candy (reeseís pb cups mostly Ė especially from the checkout line at a store when Iím by myself), soda (diet at home, share non-diet with my hubby when we are out), energy drinks (breakfast at work or long drives by myself). I am starting to get in more fruit/veggies by having apples or carrots at work (with pb/ranch) as part of my lunch, or having salsa (with no-salt chips) at home, but there are still areas of improvement. One thing I have as a plan is to buy fun-size candy to have in small amounts. Instead of buying a package of oreoís, buy the smaller pre-packaged versions (designed for like lunch boxes) so I can limit myself easier, or by the 100 calorie version (not as good though). The energy drinks are stored at work and I do limit myself to one in the morning. If I come to work with something, such as coffee, then I donít have the energy drink cause I already had a breakfast drink that morning. When I forget my morning drink, that is when I have the energy drink. (Been doing this strategy for about two weeks now and it seems to be working.) One area that has improved is dessert after dinner. I grew up with ice cream being an almost every day thing for dessert. Now, I barely have anything. I have Klondike bars in the freezer for when I do want ice cream, and a few times a year weíll buy cheesecake from Samís Club and have a slice a night until the box is done. I think a reason for this is that we donít eat until after 7p most nights, so Iím not as hungry come 9-10p. Mostly my snacking comes at the end of work (after 3p) or while Iím sitting on the computer playing games.

5. My mindset Ö

I have been at this program on SparkPeople for over two years, attempting other things like Special K or SlimFast drinks before that for a few weeks. While I have always thought of myself as not skinny in high school/college (especially having an aunt who can wear a size 0/2 while I wore a size 8/10), I was generally happy with my weight. Forward to after college (2006) when I moved to Calif and am away from family. At this point I tried a new prescription shot for an ongoing medical issue and I went from about 135 to the 160s in just 3 months, all while biking almost daily about a mile to work. In my mind, this didnít make sense. After I finally switched from the shot to pills, I had my starting weight on SparkPeople at 173. Thatís like 40 lbs from what I was in college. I went from a size 8/10 to a size 18, almost into plus sizes. I got to a point in 2011 that I finally plateaued and didnít gain, which was my husbandís worry. Iím still at that point. I donít go above 170, but I donít go below 160 either. Iím pretty steady on my base weight. Unfortunately, I think genetics has gifted me with a body that will never look skinny and this is something Iíve come to realize. I guess my issue with this area is while Iím not at a healthy BMI, I am at a steady weight. Why put in the work? How do I know itíll really work? Why change my snacking when I like chocolate and donít want to give it up? Iím finally at a point where Iím okay with how I am Ö why make a change to a girl with low self-esteem again who might have to work on this area again? I guess this is the area where all my doubts and questions go.
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NIMAWEYGH 9/9/2012 10:35AM

    Wow what a wonderfully thought out blog Steph.

I guess what I will say is that if you were really happy with the woman you are now weight wise you would not have written this blog. Or at least that is my thought.

I almost *hear* the longing in your writing to be the size 8/10 you use to be. But on the flip side do you feel healthy at the weight you are? Does it hinder you in any way to get out and do something you like to do, ride a bike, go hiking or back packing, walk around the Mall, etc?

If the answer is no you can do all these things and you really feel healhty doing it then my only suggestion is DON't GIVE UP WHAT YOU LIKE TO EAT first. You can eat healthy and still treat yourself. You just have to watch your portions and the fun size candy is all I keep here in the house, I also love the 100 calorie stuff but now I just back my own stuff and freeze part until I want it. So much healthier for you.

And just remember a sedentary life style can lead to medical complications down the road as you get older so why not do 30 mins 3 x a week cardio and 20 mins 3 x a wk ST and take Sunday's off. Or find a routine that works for you, why not do home exercise DVD's.

Whatever you choose Steph you know we are all behind you 100%. What makes you happy makes us happy. We just want you to be the healthiest you can be.

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