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The Scale FINALLY Moved

Thursday, September 06, 2012

So yesterday, it moved to 179.5 - half a pound below what it's been fluctuating (180-182). Today it was 178.5. Whoo-hoo!!!!!! I'm so happy about that. It will probably keep fluctuating like it seems to enjoy doing, but it's lower than it's been for two years!! I joined Spark in May 2010 and got down to 178 in June 2010, and it's been up hill from there. So it's so great to finally be down again.

I did my C25K workout yesterday - it was Week 3, Day 2. It was a great day for running: cool and cloudy. It started sprinkling around 20 minutes, so I prayed fervently that it wouldn't rain - and it didn't :). Not that I would shy away from running in the rain, but it wouldn't be that great for my iPod LOL. I generally run back and forth on a short distance of bike trail that very few people use. Last week, a girl came jogging past me. She was obviously doing a walking/running program also, but she was able to run the whole distance of the bike trail (probably around 300M), and at that point I definitely couldn't. Yesterday, I ran the whole length and more!! :D Seeing progress like that is so motivating, even when the scale isn't moving.

I also started my "serious" strength training program yesterday. I didn't do a lot - mostly just arm exercises, squats, and lunges. Today, my legs HURT. LOL. At least I know I was working them good. I don't understand why they're sore. I've been walking, jogging, elliptical, swimming, and biking a lot with no soreness, and yet 24 squats and 24 lunges killed my legs. But it's good anyway.

This is me in Canmore on the biking trail by the Bow River. Notice, I still have my half-smile from surgery LOL

Yesterday, Mom and I went to my 3 month post-surgery appointment. The doctor is very pleased with how I'm doing. He said that he expects 95-100% recovery of all my damaged nerves within a matter of months. Praise God! What does that mean? It means my facial paralysis will go away so I can smile again, my right eye will tear again, I will be able to swallow and eat completely properly, I can eat on the right side of my mouth, my raspy and quiet voice will return to normal. :) I've also had a very weak and sore right shoulder/neck. I suspected nerve damage, and the doctor said that's most likely what it's from. So, that should improve too. It's actually improved a huge amount since my surgery, but it still gets quite painful at times and is weaker than my left arm. It's kind of strange that my left arm is my "strong arm" right now. He also told me that I should go for massage for my shoulder. Haha best prescription ever LOL.

On the way to the appointment, we spotted two natural/health food/organic grocery stores, so we stopped at one. It was very nice and had a lot of foods I`ve heard of but never seen anywhere. I bought some raw kale chips in ``Kool Ranch`` flavor. They were AMAZING! Wow. They didn`t taste like greens at all! They were super duper expensive, however. It was $6.99 for a 2 oz bag!! So I`m going to try to make my own. We`ll see how that goes. Anyone ever made Kale Chips...?
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