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Monday, September 03, 2012

I'm down to 187.

It's not a lot, but coming from 194 (my highest that I will admit to) it's enough for now.

I've been too busy to eat, and I haven't always made the BEST food choices (damn Drifter's (our version of in-n-out burger) the last few weeks. I cancelled my gym membership, haven't been running or using the treadmill, but I have made it to yoga once or twice a week or done some vinyasa at home.

I'm eating salad at lunch and hard boiled eggs.

On weekends, I'm trying REALLY hard to just eat when I'm hungry regardless of what time the clock says.

And to add to the school stress I planned on, I have a gal I barely know coming to live in my house for four months. I have never lived with ANYONE as a roommate.

She's the wife of a guy who plays video games online with Brad. We've never met. Any of us. They are from MI. They're both teachers. There is no work up there--it's 400 people applying for 1 teaching position. You have to like *know* people to get a job. They've just been able to get periodic sub jobs. So, their plan was to move out here. Which is a GREAT plan. Until they realized that it would cost a gazillion dollars to break their lease, and the cost to actually MOVE would be huge....and neither had a job out here either.

So I talked to a friend of mine who did phone interviews with them and hired them both to work for her tutoring company. Good money, good hours: 25-30 hours a week. Still not full time, but it would allow them to get sub jobs during the day as well until hiring season starts.


The husband really isn't on board with moving. His dream is to work in the school in his hometown...which he failed to mention. Wife, however, is all about moving and exploring somewhere new.

You see the problem?

So WIFE is coming here to "try it out" while HUSBAND stays in MI still hoping to find a job in his hometown and move them both THERE since he really doesn't want to move anyway. He liked the idea initially...but then the reality set in that it could maybe possibly be permanent.

And then his mother got him two interviews in his hometown last week. For positions he would really like to have. But Wife is still moving here till Christmas at least. She's made a commitment to my tutor friend, and they agree that is a big deal and they can't reneg on it with only the "possibility" of a job that he may or may not be offered. Financially, she could make more here than there--subbing, working for Candace, and working part time at Kohl's.

So they're on their way here. They arrive Tuesday evening. And we'll all (them and Brad and I) go out to dinner somewhere, and for cigars and wine. And then I have to get up at 4 to teach on Wednesday, throwing chicken (fake for me and real for them) into the crock pot to make Salsa Chicken from the Sparkpeople Cookbook for dinner.

Today I am making SPC (SparkPeople Cookbook) Mac and Cheese (with fondue cheese instead of what the recipe says to make it with--gooey-er!) so there are leftovers--it always tastes better the second day. Thursday, I'll make Tuna Casserole so she can drown her sorrows at her husband going back home that morning in more cheese. And we'll have leftovers or spaghetti on Friday. And then decide what else to make next week. She'll know about her own schedule a bit more by then.

They seem like REALLY nice people, so I'm sure it'll be fine, but I am getting anxious.

I've never had a roommate.
I get up really early.
I make coffee early, and my machine grinds the beans early.
I shower early.
I dry my hair early.

I do EVERYTHING early.

And my house is small. 862 square feet and ONE bathroom, which is right next to her room.

The logistics of this are unpleasant--my house is little! But we'll make it work. I see lots of trips to WP in my future. Not because I don't like her...I do...but I will need some alone time and WP is where Brad will be most of the time I think and it's the only place we can actually be ALONE... and if I want to be alone and quiet and not talk...I can do that there.

She and I have talked and we SEEM to be fairly alike...both like our quiet time...both have screwy schedules. So we'll see. She seems really nice, so it'll work out I think...I'm just anxious anyway.

So off to make comfort food. And plan. And finish cleaning.

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  • CHEEKY1000
    Oh wow! That is incredibly generous of you. Four months would seem like forever. I will hope that it does work out really well for you. Way to keep making good choices in the face of stress!


    Remember, there's always SP where you can vent if needed. LOL
    2026 days ago
    Oh goodness! That's a HUGE change, and definitely cause for extra stress. You're such a good person to invite her into your home!

    I've been thinking of you! Maybe we should figure out a way to make sure we have regular SP check-ins! :)
    2026 days ago
    WOW!!! You are an incredibly generous person!!! I hope that it all goes really well for all of you!
    2026 days ago
    Oh my, you really are headed for some changes! You and your husband are very kind to open up your home! I hope things work out and wishing you all the best!

    Congrats on the forward progress - in spite of all the craziness about to start! (o:

    p.s. I tried the salsa chicken recipe a while back - it was good!
    2026 days ago
    Hope it all works out. Been living with MIL for nearly 4 years since Hurricane Ike.
    Once I'm back home, can't wait to dance & shout!
    "Party over there..hoot! hoot!"
    emoticon emoticon
    2026 days ago
    You are special to open your home in desire to help someone else. I hope it all works out. Keep communication open!!!
    2026 days ago
    Good luck with everything. I can see why you'd be nervous. Your menu sounds great. I'll have to find the salsa chicken crock pot recipe. Sounds good.
    2026 days ago
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