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Celtic Countdown Challenge - Week 6

Monday, September 03, 2012

emoticon Week 6 emoticon

Weight: 177 [+1lb]
Body fat %: 22.5% [-0.9%]
Body fat: 39.82lb [-1.36lb]

Bust: 38.5" [-/+0]
Waist: 28.5" [-0.5"]
Low waist: 33" [-0.25"]
Hips: 37" [-/+0]
Bum: 40" [-/+0]
Thighs: 23.25" [+/-0]
Biceps: 11.75" [+/-0]
Calves: 16.25" [+/-0"]

Totals so far for challenge:
-2% body fat
-3.3lbs body fat
-4.25" total

Saw a regain of that silly pound again, but a BF loss of more than a pound. Whatever works for you, body. You're doing what I want you to do, whether or not my overall weight is going down at this point. I know it'll happen eventually, I'm perfectly content with you staying the same weight right now as long as you continue shredding the fat off. That pound also might be water weight, as shark week started a couple days ago, so we'll see what happens at my final weigh in before I leave next week. Geez, it's so close now. I'm pretty excited. Yaaaaay vacation!
Tomorrow is probably going to kick my butt though. I go to muay thai on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, which left Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in a perfect arrangement to go see Derek. Since today is a holiday, he isn't allowed to train clients. Instead, I have muay thai from 11:30-1, then I'm going to see him from 2-3. It also happens to be leg day. He claims he's going to take it easy on me. He may, to a point, but I know he won't entirely, simply because he knows what my legs are capable of.
When we had our first leg day together last week, he stared at me kind of dumbfounded more than once and actually wrote "Very strong legs" on my chart. All of my leg exercises? I use more weight than HE does. On the calf raises, since I hadn't done them in a while, I dropped my weight to 270 to start (I was previously working out at 350). He laughed and mentioned he was going to have to tell one of the other guys that worked there that I started my sets on the same weight he finishes at. When I saw him next he also told me that during one of his own workouts, he was struggling with the calf raises waaaay more than usual, then realized it was because he was using my weight. haha. In casual conversation between sets, I mentioned that my calves have been measuring between 16.25" and 16.5" for months now, so I sincerely doubted they were going to get any smaller because of the amount of muscle in them. He went "Wow. I don't even want to tell you how pansy and small my calves are compared to that." He was then explaining the different muscles in the calf and along the shin while feeling my leg and went "..yep, they're all just bigger than mine."
Yesterday, Alex and I went to our usual pub with Lisa (his coworker that's getting married in Ireland) and her fiance whose name I have forgotten. We decided to meet right after I got out of kickboxing, since the pub is about five storefronts away from my dojo. When we got in, our favourite bartender was there and I jokingly asked for a pitcher of water and a straw. He actually brought me a pitcher of water, which caused me to clap like an idiot and go "He's my favourite!" I drank the entire pitcher in about ten minutes and he didn't even ask when he walked by.. just kind of laughed and shook his head, then brought me another pitcher. He rocks.

Positives this week:
emoticon Pretty amazing fat loss this week, even with a scale gain
emoticon I continue to love my trainer. haha
emoticon I got professional confirmation that my legs really are as strong as I thought they were
emoticon Sat at a pub with three people chugging back beers and didn't even feel the desire for one because I wanted -food- for my calories
emoticon Still doing quite well about not snacking at work. Yes, I do still do a little bit, but it's actually a small snack rather than all night grazing
emoticon I feel way more confident

Things to work on:
emoticon I don't actually know if I'm going to have all the courses I need done in time to apply for university this year. Again. They're taking forever to mark whatever I send in, and I've actually found mistakes in the texts provided while I'm doing the questions, which is delaying further while I e-mail them to ask about it and have to wait for a response
emoticon Further tweaking to get my carb intake down and protein up a bit more
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    1811 days ago
    That's great progress! I'd much rather have a body fat loss than a scale loss. How do you calculate your body fat and bf loss?
    1811 days ago
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