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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Six months ago I was slowly losing weight but hating and definitely struggling with working out. I was also struggling with food choices, even avoiding tracking my food as I didn’t want to face the fact of just how bad what I was eating was. I had also stopped seeing positive changes in my body. I began working out more consistently (cardio at least) when I got zumba , maybe 3-4 times a week. However, I still could and would find any excuse in the book there was to avoid working out after I’d get home from lab. About 4 months ago I switched when I worked out from after lab to before heading into lab. I found that after a few weeks, this worked much much better for me. My consistency in getting in cardio definitely improved. I was slowly starting to see the scale move again, along with changes in my body. In the beginning of July I finally hit 170.0 (hit 167.4) before leaving on vacation. However, when I weighed myself after a nice week long vacation, to my parents’ and then to Chicago for a few days, I had jumped to 173.6 on July 8th. I suspect that this was no water weight due to the fact it took me a few weeks to get it back off. Since then I have steadily lost weight. I joined SP Live! the last week of July. SP Live! has managed to flip a large portion of my life on end (a good thing :) ). I love the personal interaction aspect! I’ve met several amazing people, including some who have become pretty close friends. I also took on a Coach (Aug 6th), the day after my birthday (my birthday present to myself). After taking on my coach, I have noticed a definite increase in results (Krystie is persistent enough to deal with my stubbornness :D ). I am also now thankful for unlimited text messages on my cell phone, as two of these amazing people, Krystie and Richard, love to blow up my phone and kill my cell phone battery. :D (Krystie apparently also runs a match-making service, but that’s a story for another time ;) ).

Currently, I’m down 37 pounds, 7.5 inches off my waist, 8.25 inches off my hips, 4.5 inches off my thigh, and 2.5 inches off of my arm since the beginning of March. I also no longer struggle with making myself work out, as I have come to love doing cardio. I began strength training the day I took on Krystie as my coach and am slowly coming to love strength training too (shh… don’t tell Krystie :P ). I have noticed large changes in the shape of my body and also have noticed increased muscle tone. My pants I was wearing in March (a comfortable size 18) now are super huge on me! :D My shirts are the same way. I currently can fit into a size 8 now (if the correct cut for my height). I have also begun focusing a lot more on the nutrition aspect as well, since taking on my coach. I now track everything I eat and began a 90 day challenge a little over a week ago (absolutely love the Body by Vi shakes!!). As of two days ago, I can also now officially say I am out of the obese weight range!!!!

6 months from now I will be at goal weight, and still probably running around squealing, in shock. :D I will have a toned body be shopping for a cute lil bikini for the coming swim suit season (style to be determined yet ;) ). I have absolutely no idea what size I will be wearing, as I have always been overweight (even as a child). I will also have finally recovered from taking Omaha by storm with Krystie and Richard New Year’s Eve (with both me and Krystie being at goal weight by then). Poor, poor Omaha… doesn’t know what’s coming. :D

Me about 7 1/2 months ago (about the same weight I was at about 6 months ago).

Me holding those same pants in the first picture, about a week ago. (Me in my size 8 jeans holding the size 18 jeans).

A current picture of me, in my size 8 jeans, as of a week ago. :)
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