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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Today was a VERY stressful yet exciting day all around. A VERY typical roller coaster day. Started out ok... my husband came home and fell asleep cuddling with me instead of waking me up. Very nice for the cuddling part, but totally no for the sleeping part. I didn't get up til after 11am! My 4 yr old son stayed in his room playing til we got up like he usually does. He's so good with that.
Ok so a wrong/ late start with breakfast. By the time I was ready to actually try to figure out what to eat that was healthy and portion controlled my mother informed me she would be over soon. Don't get me wrong, I love my mother dearly, but she is SUCH a pain in the petunia sometimes. ESPECIALLY when she's in a poor me atitude (which she was). We ended up arguing almost the entire time she was here. Ended with her telling me I needed to get down on my knees in prayer to ask god to help her find good homes for her kittens.

(A little historic side note: My mother was a bad druggy and horrible mother to all of my sisters, my brother, and me. She had 6 kids by 4 different men and did not really do too much actual cuddling/loving. She took care of us and made the elder kids take more care of the younger ones. Once we got old enough she introduced a lot of us to drugs/alcohol. However about 6 or 7 years ago she had an epiphany while spending a night in jail and the Lord made her see the light.... which I am very grateful for. She is now a reborn christian and a convert the apostolic church we go to. She is a very good mom now even tho we are all grown, has turned aside all the evi doing she has done in the past and turned a new leaf. Which is GREAT! I can actually enjoy spending time with her now.... .... until she starts telling me that unless I start wearing headcoverings, skirts instead of pants, and stop eating flesh i'm NEVER going to get pregnant or have anything good happen to me. Which is where I pick back up on my earlier story.)

So my mother finally leaves telling me to pray, and i'm in a not so good mood. Realized I ate some not so good stuff while she was here... but I logged it all anyway. ( I mean come on... a brownie for lunch??? Or was it breakfast???) So I made sure I ate a decent low calorie dinner and I did pretty well by the end of the day. But after she left I decided to get up off the computer and DO something. It was too hot to go outside cuz i absolutely detest sweating... so my son and I did the Stay At Home Moms Daily Challenge. Now before we actually did it (which by the way was to get up and dance fun/crazy with your kids for at least one song) I went on youtube.com and gathered together some dance-ish type songs with a good beat that we both liked. I actually said here how about this one, and he either said yes or no. Called my playlist DANCE! and we started it! It was so much fun to just dance around with him. He has some really cute moments sometimes. However I had to stop and remind him that I am not daddy and we weren't wrestling a few times. That's a daddy thing. But other than that we got about finished with the 3 rd song on the playlist and we had to stop. I was totally out of breath and sweating. He wasn't even breathing hard.... dang kids.... But it was about 10 mins or maybe a lil more so I was able to log it in my fitness tracker. Yay!

Ok. Next small achievement. While dropping my hubby off at work (he stocks 3rd shift at a Walmart) I decided to use that last 20 bucks we had to get some new healthy stuff if we could. Go me! I was able to get a honey mustard to replace using mayo on my sandwiches, a fiber 1 80 calorie cereal instead of that sweet stuff, a fat free italian dressing for my salads, and ingrediants to try out a SP slow cooker chicken recipe for dinner tomorrow. I'm excited and can't wait, it's gonna be delish, I just know it. So only a few things but it's a healthy start that i'm excited about. I told my hubby he wasn't allowed to touch the cereal or dressings. :P

After getting the groceries we came home and my son still wanted to do some actual excercises like I said we might try. So I said what the heck. And we started the Zumba Basics. Now. I have already tried doing exercise vids with him once before a while back and it was stressful cuz I couldn't focus cuz he was ALL OVER THE PLACE, and I was afraid I was gonna trip on him. And we don't have a big living room as it is. He kept bouncing around, back here, up there, behind me, to the side. I told him over and over stand HERE. Did he listen??? Sure, for about 3 seconds. I was getting very frustrated and trying not to yell at him. I really wanted to DO this and make it work, but he just wasnt' letting me. So I called a halt and went and read him a book and tucked him in bed cuz it was after midnight already. SHew! I knew it was gonna be a challenge to excercise with him but forgot how stressful it was. I think i'll be waiting till after he's in bed to do the vids from now on. At least til we get his in the mail. I ordered a kids exercise video, Tony and the Kids. All the reviews ranted about Tony being awesome. So I figured i'd do it with him for a few days to a week til he knows what he's doing, then i'll put it on his tv for him while I do my own. Hehehehehehe. A very good idea I saw on another SP blog somewhere....don't remember where tho. But my husband was all for it, so now we are just waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

OH! And I forgot the best part.... o.O .... I actually pulled out all my workout dvd's I have collected over the years and put them in one pile, and frankly, I was just flabbergasted! I have 8 dance type workout dvd's (bellydancing for beginners, dancing with the stars, and dance with julianne), wii fit plus and wii sports, and Zumba on a thumbdrive I can play on my Xbox. Oh and the 8 Minute Abs is also on my thumbdrive. PLUS an hour long Prenatal Pilates made up of five 10 minute sessions for AFTER we get pregnant! WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING THESE PAST 5 YEARS?!? That list is ridiculous for me not to have actually been using any of them except to collect dust. Well i'm definitely going to be using them now. No more nap time for my workout collection. It's time to ROCK AND ROLL!

And here I am after ALL THAT boring the heck out of my SP friends just so I can rant about my day. You all are awesome. I have never felt this motivated in my life to get up and DO! I have people urging me on and giving me ideas. It's absolutely wonderful. This WILL work and I will be a totally bodacious babe come time for my 10 year reunion. I LOVE SPARKPEOPLE!!!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! WONDER WOMEN OF THE SP UNIVERSE UNITE AND CONQUER!!!
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    This is a great Blog, thank you for posting it. You are making small changes that will allow you to add different things to your daily routines which is how this whole process works best. Every little step counts so keep up the good work!!!! I'm proud of you for sharing and motivating me and countless others.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2026 days ago
  • MANDA2828
    your last paragraph totally psyched me up emoticon
    2030 days ago
    It sounds like your day turned out being ok after all. I also leave the wrestling activities to Dad. I am always worried that I will hurt him and don't find it all that fun when I am worrying the entire time. My lil' one likes to dance around and play too but we can't really do videos together because I can't focus. Where did you get the zumba basics workout from? Way to go by the way!
    2030 days ago
  • LTRUM71
    Good job! It is hard to exercise with little ones. My 2 year old climbs on my back when I'm down trying to do planks or supemans. I try to make it work but I am just not strong enough yet for the added weight lol.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2030 days ago
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