Did the size 0 girls just vaporize? Why are all their dresses for sale???

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This inspiration for this blog is SP member Nataligenz who is wearing the MOST adorable dress in her picture. She was kind enough to tell me where she got it (Anthropologie) and warned me that the prices online would make my eyes pop out of my head (and that just sounds uncomfortable).

Being properly forewarned about potential eye poppage, I went onto the sight, and sure enough -

HOLY S&%#!!! - are they freaking kidding?

OK - undeterred, I went to ebay and there were 192 Anthropolgie dresses for sale. Ha! I will not be thwarted.

The dress isn't there. Pretty quick thwart.

But I found cute dress after cute dress. See??

Crap. Size 0-2. Double thwart.

In fact, the only thing I found in my size looks like a hold over from the Soviet era.

Nothing makes a girl feel pretty like a drab gray dress with a little black belt. I wonder if it comes with a hair net?

But now I'm really concerned. 192 pages of size 0-2 dresses? What happened to these girls? Were they walking down the street one day and - POOF - they vaporized and nothing was left but their dresses on the sidewalk?

Or did they become a negative size and then disappear? Hmmm.... Are their families selling the clothes because - well - they can't see them? (And what about their shoes? I could use a new pair of shoes.)

WARNING: rant ahead.

And how can anyone be a size zero? Zero (or naught as my English friend always says) is "a cardinal number indicating the absence of any or all units under consideration." I'm considering then that the dress doesn't really exist.

Further, in mathematics, zero is "an argument at which the value of a function vanishes." See - they just...vanished.

I also kind of like this: "one having no influence or importance, a noneity." As in "the person who invented the size zero is a zero."

And why do the size zero girls get the cute, colorful clothes and the size 12s get gray? Oh wait - maybe it is a reverse camoflage deal here. Bright colors deter the oncoming hefer in the gray bubushka from bumping into them and causing some kind of catastrophic injury....


I feel like I need to send out a search party for all the size zero girls out there. Or start a telethon and take up a collection for them. Maybe we could have sandwiches ready so when we found them, we could feed them enough that they hit a size that actually exists. If we put mayo on it, the calories could easily push them over into a size 1, couldn't it??

Of course, then they might want their shoes back....
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    they all gained weight because CURVES ARE Gorgous and they were jealous
    1995 days ago
  • CNELSON5411
    Probably the dress manufacturer's dream that we are all Model size so they don't have to make dresses for real women. Project Runway last week was a prime example, as one of the designers was absolutely put out he had to design for a "plus size" and made the poor girl cry with his, your too big for this crap. Lost respect in a major way.

    My oldest and youngest were cross country runners, they were both the biggest girls on their team and they were (and are) down right skinny. My oldest was her school's first district champ, shows those girls who would say loudly in the dressing room "you cant be THAT size" and constantly talked about who was lighter, smaller, etc.

    When my oldest ran in college (U of Port) she contantly got mild pressure to cut weight for speed, she told the coach no way. The college coaches ignore the warning signs with their runners for eatting disorders, etc. The photos from the NCAA races are enough to make you barf, so over thin, etc.

    Society is trying to teach our girls that they have to be "waif" thin. Hogwash. Be healthy, be active, be NORMAL!

    okay okay I will get off my soapbox lol

    Great Blog by the way! Sorry for ranting! (LOL)
    2000 days ago
    I have a sister in law who wears a size zero. She had to get a boob job to make them a size two lol. She literally takes two months to eat a candy bar. She is the most miserable person I know, and all she thinks about is maintaining her figure and her weight. Give me some ice cream please!!!!!!
    2001 days ago
    Too funny! Wonder what size shoes...
    2001 days ago
    lol nice blog.
    2001 days ago
    i loved your blog and the disapearing size 0's lolwhat i cant figure out my daughter is just 10 pounds less than me and she wears a size 3or 2 and i wear a 10 even though i am over 50 i love victoria secret sales they one have size small left on a lot of styles that are on sale. so what is happening the average women are buying supermodel clothes before the supermodel figured women buy theres ?
    2001 days ago
    I loved and laughed today over your blog! Love that the dresses are just lying on the sidewalk with their shoes! Too cute. My two daughters but from there when they have a sale. That's the new "IN"store, and they do hasve cute clothes but the material doesn't cost that much and they aren't made here so why such high prices? Yup the grey dumpy dress is about right to! Geez!

    I think too few can afford them! emoticon
    2001 days ago
  • SHEL_V2
    Love the topic, and I suspect KansasRose67 has a great answer. I've no idea where Anthropologie is on the vanity size spectrum, but things are getting ridiculous. I'm 5'9. My frame size is "large" by both the wrist and elbow measurement methods. I weigh 176 pounds, and I wear a bra size 36-OMG (actually, it would be 34-WTF if I could find one, but I make do).

    I've just started buying shirts that fit in size MEDIUM. How on earth does that make any sense? At least the Juniors department is keeping me honest, I need a L there.

    2001 days ago

    It's probably because they all ordered the size 0 thinking they would "just lose a few pounds and it will fit perfectly" and then it never happened so they're selling the dresses cheap on eBay!
    2001 days ago
    You are so funny. I loved your blog. emoticon
    2001 days ago
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