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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Every time I'm walking through my local tube station in London, I see a sign. It's a handwritten sign and it says:

'Bakerloo line - good service.'

And I want to scream and rant.


'YOU tell me if the trains are running PUNCTUALLY or not. I'll tell YOU if the service is good .'

Well there has apparently been an outbreak of funny signs on the tube, as reported by the London Evening Standard.

I particularly like the museum one. It's a fallacy that only upper middleclass Brits take their children to museums, although it's true that the ones who do all call their children Hugo.

Including the girls.

'What's this all got to do with losing weight, eating healthily and being a Spark Person', you may be asking.

Gentle reader, let me explain.

I love how savvy your average Spark Person is. In tube signage terms, we are the people who run up to the poster advertising the latest low calorie soup and write on it in fluorescent marker pen 'Contains a load of sodium they don't mention in the marketing'. Or slap a label on the latest no-calorie fizzy drink saying 'Do you REALLY want to ingest the funny chemicals they've put in here to make it taste something like the full fat version? That's the version containing 2oz of toothrotting sugar.'

Spark Persons read the labels, question the manufacturers and see through the marketing. I have colleagues who really think that because a cereal bar is sold as a healthy breakfast option, it must be as good for them as a bowl of homemade porridge with fresh fruit in. Or they go to the salad bar and get a plate of carbs covered in mayo and think it's a good healthy choice.

If I could vote for a Spark Goodie, it would be a magnifying glass to read the small print with. And a law to insist on warts-and-all labelling. Till then, we have to keep doing our own detective work.

Move over, Sherlock Holmes. The Spark People are coming.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    When you are RIGHT, YOU are RIGHT !!!
    Happy telling it like it is !! Audra
    2004 days ago
  • KSCRAP363
    Good point! I like the magnifying glass idea!!!
    2004 days ago
    EXACTLY! Can't pull the wool over our eyes!
    2005 days ago
    Love the magnifying glass idea. I'm such a label-reader.
    2005 days ago
    You would need more than a magnifying glass. The fine print is so small if manufacturers want to put some truth to their labels.
    2005 days ago
    I agree with most of what you said. One glaring error. I'm reading it, I admit it. I am not, however, gentle.
    2005 days ago
  • KAREN608
    Yes, the Spark goodies are lacking in what I'd like to give.
    2005 days ago
  • LEXIE63
    Great blog! :-) Fab observations. We need magnifying glasses because the writing on a lot of containers is miniscule! In fact, I just had my reading specs upped a notch so I can see the labels more easily, and not have to keep bugging my daughter to read the labels for me!

    Sherlock Spark! Now there's a moniker to love!
    Lex xxx
    2005 days ago
    nice blog - thank you for the chuckle! emoticon
    2005 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Oh, I love it, thanks for the laugh! The news article made me laugh, too, and I enjoyed some of the signs, especially the last one describing more efficient service.

    I love the idea of the magnifying glass! We do have to become food detectives. (And I confess that I do use a magnifying glass to read some of those labels, but I just thought my eyesight was bad.)
    2005 days ago
  • JACKIE542
    Exactly, No fooling us. emoticon
    2005 days ago
  • POPSY190
    We live in a world of images designed to trick our brains into suspending common sense- usually in the interests of commerce. Love the segue from the tube sign to food labelling! Would also cast a vote for the magnifier.
    2005 days ago
  • EWL978
    Maybe it's the very tiny beginning of having a brain of their own?? ...... Nah, that's probably not possible, But then................... emoticon

    Where is that magnifying glass??
    2005 days ago
    Want to campaign for a magnifying glass Goodie? I'll jump on that bandwagon!

    It's healthy exercise for the mind, making a challenge out of reading labels or listening to ads, and figuring out what NOT's being written or said! It's no wonder we all have trouble losing weight, with the amount of sodium in a "serving" of just about anything that boasts a brand name!
    2005 days ago
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