No Sugar - Day 1

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All right, my Sparkpeeps, my "motivation" has come back in the form of desperation. I have gained 10 pounds in the last month. I don't need to tell you how discouraging and painful this feels. I am not going to beat myself up, what's done is done, I'm leaving it behind me and focusing on the solution, rather than the problem.

Although, how is it that it goes on so much faster than it comes off? Oh yeah, I'm 44 and have metabolic syndrome/insulin-resistance/PC
OS! That means that I can eat the same sugar-laden high fat stuff as someone without all this body-chemistry mischegoss and they might gain something, but not as fast, and their body wouldn't hold on to that weight like my body holds on to it like it's my body's Yellow Night-Night.

(Wait, you didn't have a Yellow Night-Night? It was my security blanket that my mother threw away behind my back when after a few years of intense attachment it became a Gray Night-Night...and then she lied about it going to a farm or something. AND YOU WONDER WHY I SPENT SO MANY YEARS IN THERAPY, MOM!?!!!)

SO...I have to pull out the Big Guns that I'm loathe to use in general, because it's so hard for me the first three to four days. I am giving up refined white sugar and the things it's found in within the first five ingredients. I'm also going to avoid refined white flour (and maybe phase out wheat alltogether, but one thing at a time). Today is the first day.

I'm fine so far, I know that around 3:00pm my body is going to be screaming for a "treat", as it usually does. To counteract that, I'm running out at my lunch hour to pick up some red peppers and some hummus and that will be my snack. I'm also being pretty vigilant about my water today, it will help with the "detoxing" from sugar. I'm also bringing Ezekiel bread back into my life. I know what to do, I just need to do it.

I've had lots of experience with this, I am great at quitting sugar! I am terrible at STAYING QUIT. I have quit drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, each one of those felt horrible to give up, but sugar by far is the hardest for me because historically, I can't go more than two months before giving in to it's siren call. I am not worrying about that right now, though, because I literally have to do this one day at a time, and all that matters is I don't eat sugar TODAY.

As far as exercise, I woke up early enough to do it this morning but chose to go back to sleep instead, where I promptly had a weird dream about buying Pyrex mixing bowls from Mitt Romney. I am committing here that when I get home from work, I am throwing on my workout gear and heading down to the Bad Ass Fitness Basement for 10 minutes at the very least.

Tyler has been up at UConn since Friday, and its still really weird and quiet around the house. I didn't realize how much noisy space he took up, and while it's kind of lonely, it's also kind of peaceful. Ryan isn't nearly as noisy. In fact, he's so quiet that when we all eat dinner together, it's kind of like an awkward first date. I know we'll adjust, but it's still really hard. I know I was eating my feelings of fear and sadness all weekend. I need to Face Everything And Recover rather than F**k Everything And Run. Simple concept but not an easy execution.

I'm also thinking that tracking everything and blogging more frequently is far more helpful than not. I'm sure I'll be whining until the sugar is out of my system, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
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    Yes, whine away, anything that helps you! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2029 days ago
    You can do it and you will do it! Why? Because you WANT to do it. Have faith in yourself. You've broken other bad habits and you can kick this one too.

    My 3:00 treat that is a little bit sweet with no added sugar or artificial sweetener is Good Earth brand sweet & spicy tea. I looooooooooooove it and it satisfies the sweetness craving. It comes in normal caffeinated tea and decaf. Just a little fyi emoticon
    2029 days ago
    The 3:00 slump is my weakest moment, too - I totally fee ya sister! I've been slowly training myself though. Instead of sneaking down to the candy machine or my assistant's Evil Drawer of Snacks - I am moving my cravings to crunchy stuff that is more healthful. I actually have an air-popper in my office and will make popcorn, or I'll eat some carrots or pretzels.

    I also love a hot cup of herbal tea in the afternoon - hibiscus with lemon is actually really naturally sweet on it's own and is nice and soothing. I have developed a real craving for this in the afternoons - much better than my old chocolate fix :)

    good luck girl - you can do this!

    2029 days ago
    I gave up chocolate, potato chips, and fried foods for Lent last year and barely eat them at all now, because after so many days, I didnt LIKE how they tasted anymore. You need to just find something yummy/healthy that you like and rock with that. My fave dessert lately is apples cooked in cinnamon and a bit of butter with some vanilla yogurt on top. DROOOOOOOOOOL! See? I still eat yummy stuff, it's just BETTER for me! YUM! hehe You can do this! XO
    2029 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon that sugar out of your life this week! I know that sucks but it's worth it! emoticon
    2029 days ago
    Whine away... we all do our fair share, lol!!
    2029 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2029 days ago
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