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Blood Work

Monday, August 27, 2012

I dropped my daughter off at work this morning and went to the lab for blood work. Now the last time at the dr's, the nurse couldnt get blood. Stuck the needle in and kept moving it around. I broke out into a cold sweat and told her to stop! Since then i hate going,so today was the day. I sat there for 40 minutes,listening to a kid trying to get blood from 2 different people,both telling him it hurt. He explained he is new. He was the only one there,why do they put new ones by themselves? Anyway,i got up,crossed my name off and left! Guess i'll call a farther lab to get it done,this one is 40 minutes away. Anyone else go thru this? I have no patience as is and didn't want to be there. I came home had coffee emoticon then went for a walk to relax and clear my head. emoticon
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  • v KAYWEB555
    Dear Soul, Usually even if there is only one person drawing blood there is a back up staff member that steps in. If you don't want for the newbie to work on you tell them that you have had problems and that they need to call in the back up staff member. Hope that this helps you. I get my blood drawn every week since 1986 ! Also when they tell you that you have to fast... have they told you that you can have water, or black coffee? This is to keep the veins flowing so that they don't do as much rolling around and makes it so much easier to find the veins. Ask them, where I get my blood drawn, they now have signs up please drink 8 oz of water before your blood draw!!!! It makes all the difference. I wish you all the luck on this one. If the tech is new for me, I just tell them don't waste your time get your back up in here !
    Yet, this same office has used me to train people with, because if they can get a draw from me, it is a feather in their cap and it builds up their confidence. I'm the very worst stick, because my veins don't run in the normal directions since my heart surgery ! LOL, it can really drive someone who hasn't worked on me nuts. I also used to be an IV Nurse ! Good luck and hope the blood tells the doc all is well with you !
    1459 days ago
    Wow...that's a bummer. I used to draw blood as a medical assistant, and I refused to dig around, if I didn't hit the vein fairly right away, I tried again, which I guarantee you is better than digging around after poking, or I got someone else to do it. In fact, if I couldn't find a vein I found a pro to draw it! I too have the same veins. I had to have IV's put in when I had my C-Sections all three times, and the third time I told them to just put it in my hand, that is always has to end up there anyway, after many pokes...they didn't listen or believe me, and again I had several new holes and ended up with it in my hand. Grrr...It's important to get your bloodwork done, hopefully you will find a better place to get it done without any difficulties. emoticon
    1459 days ago
    I sometimes have trouble too when blood is drawn for lab work. I usually warn the, and that makes it a challenge for the nurse or lab tech.
    1460 days ago
  • v KAREN2LOSE55
    Oh yes, I've known of it, but never to the point of not getting it done. Eventually, with the first one having so much trouble, with my rolling veins, then she'd get another nurse, with more experience evidentally, and it would get done as fast as it could be done! I usually get an experienced nurse and when I do, I praise them adamently. I have become discouraged with giving blood because of that problem. The last time the man was so impatient and had to get another nurse and she had no problem at all. I can't take a whole lot of them poking and poking and searching all around! I think they need to go back to school and learn to be more considerate of us people who don't like to go there to begin with, but have to! Good luck to you and if I ever go through what you've gone through, I'd find another place too!
    1460 days ago
    You did right because they always seem to mess up more than ones that know how to do it. I have problems with my veins too. They like to role and do all kinds of stuff. I always give them warnings that my veins don't like to cooperate with them. Had one nurse say that my veins looked good but I told her that it was deceiving and after about 4 tries she got some one else. I was getting my knee replaced and could not stop the procedure because my knee was getting real bad.
    1460 days ago
  • v _LINDA
    They have trouble with my veins too. I would refuse to get it done from a newbie too. I am lucky though, the woman who takes my blood in my building is good, hasn't missed one yet.. When I was getting Remicade treatments, I went through Hell with it. The nurses usually had to try at least six times to get it going in one of my veins. I have scars all up and down my arms, and its a good thing I am so pale and they are not noticable!! I hate injections!!!! But I have had them since six years old, non stop, thanks to the RA.
    I hope your other choice is better, its worth the trip out.
    1460 days ago
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