I'm not losing weight, I'm dropping weight!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yesterday I took a leap of faith and went for a run through the forest. I’ve been doing all my C25K training at the park (with few hills) and in my neighborhood (bigger hills), but it’s week 7 and I’ve reached the “Run for 25 minutes straight” portion of my workout. So I figured I would celebrate by getting out to my favorite trail run. The last time I tried trail running (back in the injury-laden first half of 2012) I tripped on a tree root and did the splits pulling my hamstring and injuring my hip. My fearful mind was pretty nervous that I’d trip again and set my training back, but my logical mind decided that after 9 weeks of PT I was stronger and more coordinated. Tree roots would be no match for my faster feet.

My logical mind was pretty spot on. As I started running between the trees, I felt light on my feet, my legs were responsive, and I had that favorite running sensation – like you’re on a treadmill gliding forward with wind on your face without having to exert yourself very hard. Aaaahhhh. What a great place to be, running again!!! It was hard being away from it for 6 months, but it feels great to have completed c25k without setbacks and with minimal discomfort. I had another one of those feeling lighter moments on the trail. And after eating clean for 10 days, I am 4 pounds lighter. But it got me thinking about carrying that weight around.

Do you ever see those uber-fitness folks out running with the weighted vests? I see them at Stone Mountain Park, conquering hills, sweating like crazy, held tight to the surface of the earth by their heavy black vests. They look like this….

I think they’ve done Biggest Loser challenges where the contestants put their weight back on, in vest form, then shed it as they complete the challenge. This visual got me thinking about what I’ve been doing to myself these past couple years, and how I am righting that wrong.

Can an extra 10, 15, 20 pounds really affect you that much? Most women would say yes, because their ideal weight is less than 150 pounds, and that extra weight would make a big difference in how they feel and look. But I’m a strong, solid, 6’0” tall woman with an ideal weight in the mid 180s. I didn’t think this gradual creep upward in my weight would have a noticeable difference in my performance. However I cannot perform as many lunges or squats when I hold those two 10-pound weights. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable my day would be if I woke up with those 20 pounds in that weighted vest and I had to sit up, get dressed for the day, clean my house, and go running. All of it with the 20lb. vest on my body. Exhausting! No wonder I’ve been killing more time on the computer this summer. Who wants to carry all that around and be active?

So the visual I’ve been thinking of lately is me sliding those weights out of that vest, 1 pound at a time, and dropping them, for good. No wonder I feel lighter, I AM LIGHTER! Every single pound that I lose is going to feel great and be noticeable. It will give me more energy at day’s end to be sexy with my husband. It will make me faster when I’m running on the road or trail. It will make my behind feel less sore when I’m riding my bike. It will be less pressure for my knee joints to deal with as I play and dance with my kids.

When I feel tempted to pick up that unplanned treat that I didn’t log, I will see myself picking up one of those weights and slipping it back into that vest. That is the reality, every time I don’t stay committed to my long term goals, I am choosing to pick that weight back up again and haul it around. That’s more dang work than it is to eat clean! Time to get my behind out from under this laptop and get to work on “dropping some weight” for today!
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