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Unconditional Love

Friday, August 24, 2012

How often do we receive unconditional love? And when we do, do we appreciate it for what it is - one of the best gifts we humans can recieve?

Sometimes we get it from our pets. The little dog (or big dog) waiting anxiously for us to come in the door, so happy to see us. Even cats show it in their own dignified way. They don't care if we are grumpy. They don't care what we look like. They just know they love us.

We can receive it from our families - our moms, dads, siblings, our children. Even cousins, aunts, uncles. There is so often unconditional love from a family member, someone who will always love us no matter what, loves us for who we are and does not wish to change us. There is usually a family member who is our go-to person when we need to be uplifted, someone we know can make a hard time easier and a happy time even better.

We can get unconditional love from friends, those who have stuck by us through thick and through thin, who remain by our side regardless of the circumstances we, or they, are going through. There are freinds we can rely on for true understanding of our thoughts, our feelings. They don't want us to be anyone but who we truly are.

If we are very lucky, we can get unconditional love from a significant other, or a spouse, a boyfriend/girlfriend. Though this is rare, it does happen, usually when we are more mature and forginving, and when the relationship is long past the shaky ground of begining romance, when the love has blossomed to something unfathomable by those who have not experienced it.

Whereever the source, we can truly count ourselvles lucky to experience unconditional love. It is truly a rare and precious thing, and it is something to treasure and nurture.

How many of us love ourselves unconditionally? Yup, love ourselves just as we are, with our perceived flaws and personality quirks. Do we loves ourselves no matter what we look like, what we are physically capable of? Do we love ourselves for our personality, our goodness? Do we love ourselves accepting the "whole package"? Do we smile at ourselves in the mirror, maybe give ourselves a compliment?

We should. We certainly should.

If we don't love ourelves now, "warts and all", how will we love ourselves when we are slimmer?

Being slimmer means our outward self has changed. Being slimmer can also cause our inward self to change, as in more confidence, better self-esteem, looking in the mirror at that small us and having a great appreciation for what we did to get there, and what we are doing to stay at our slimmer, healthier selves.

But I think unconditional love for ourselves should be just that! Unconditional. We will always have flaws. Becoming thinner will not change self-loathing. Being healthier won't assure we put ourselves first.

We need to love ourselves now! It will help us get to where we want to go easier, because, by loving ourselves, we will want to reach and maintain our goal because we want to, not because we feel we have to.

Not because a doctor says we should, not because society says we should.

But we will be doing it because we want to, because it is what is best for us.

Because by loving ourselves unconditionally, we will see the value of putting ourselves first so we can be a better help to others. So we can be a better friend, spouse, mom/dad, son/daughter.

Loving ourselves unconditionaly means we accept ourselves for who we are now, and we want to change ourselves to become better for ourselves and our loved ones.

Unconditional love means we care enough about ourselves now to live a healthy lifestyle, so we can get the most out of the time that is given to us on this Earth.

Loving ourselves unconditionally means we can see ourselves as we are, and we can see our future selves as a pleasant improvement that we DECIDED to make. We want to go walking into the future being the best we can be.

And if we love ourselves unconditionally now, this love will carry over to our future. We will love ourselves for what we accomplished. We will love our new self unconditionally.

But if we start this journey with unconditional love for ourselves, for who we are, for what we can do physically and mentally right now, for the kind of person we are now, the kind of friend, spouse, etc., we are right now, what an awesome starting point.!

To have enough-self love to become more healthy. To put ourselves first so that we let nothing and no-one sway us from our chosen course.

Each of us deserves to love ourselves unditionally. To be number one in our own eyes and lives. To be selfish when it comes to our own beliefs, our own bodies, our own minds.

Unconditional love, so rare, so precious, yet within our own grasp! We don't need to wait for someone to bestow this gift on us, let's give it to ourselves!

Love yourselves! Love being you! You are unique, right now, right this second! There is no one like you!

If you are reading this, then you have probably already mapped out a plan to a become a better you! So you must already love yourself!

You know you are worth investing time into yourself!

You love yourself right now enough to say, hey, I deserve more from my future! Yes, as the L'oreal commercial says "I'm worth it", you know you ARE worth it!

Let go of any negativity you have about yourself. Focus on the positive. You're here at SparkPeople, where you can find encouragement, motivation, and support on every step of your journey. Unconditionally love who you are right now, and the world can only become a brighter, better place to be!

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  • DARLY55
    Very nice blog, Denise! Thank you very much.
    I love me, too. emoticon
    2032 days ago
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