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Vitamins vs. Fortified Foods

Friday, August 24, 2012

contains a video on the dangers of vitamins.

Most of the discussion centered on ‘eating’ our vitamins as oppose to ‘taking’ them in supplements, but interestingly the site pointed to another article discussing the B-vitamins which can add energy to our day.

“Specifically, the B-vitamin family helps in maintaining the health of the central nervous system, which helps to promote the metabolism and therefore, energy generally speaking.”

The focus was on 3 nutrient groups:
• Thiamin and Riboflavin: found in dairy or milk products, and FORTIFIED whole-grains or cereals
• Pantothenic Acid, Niacin, and Pyridoxine: found in chicken, green vegetables and FORTIFIED cereals or breads
• B Complex Vitamins: found in chicken, whole grains and vegetables

This made me wonder about ‘fortified’ foods…

iModerate Research Technologies posted a study which noted, “When it comes to fortified foods, consumers' apprehension stems from the fortification process itself, believability as to the product's health claim, the possible overconsumption of nutrients, and long-term health implications.” The report can be found @ www.imoderate.com/experi

I was relieved to find I’m not alone in my confusion.
In online.wsj.com/article/S
Sheldon Hendler, M.D., Ph.D, co-author of "The Physician's Desk Reference for Nutritional Supplements states, "Nutritionally enhanced foods are essentially just a different way of getting some of the benefits of a vitamin supplement. Studies show both do the job." The article goes on to talk about the benefits of fortifying food starting in the 1920s.

Sounds to me like the 'jury is out', but It's good to know we have multiple sources to gain and maintain our health as we become "AWAKE! ALIVE! AWARE! and Appreciative of ALL that IS".

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I take a couple of vits but not many! better it come from natural foods! thank you for all your blogs, videos and all info on this subject! I love reading what you send!
    linda emoticon
    1853 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I would prefer to get all my nutrients from natural food, but in some cases it would take way more then you can eat to get them unfortunately, so I do take a multivitamin. I take extra calcium separately at a different time as a pharmacist said taking calcium with a multivitamin doesn't work as the multi prevents its absorption!!
    As long as what ever your source is works, that is the main thing..
    1857 days ago
    I would much rather get my nutrients from the food I eat as the multivitamins are too big for me to swallow.
    1858 days ago
    I've taken a multi-vitamin for years, because I knew I wasn't trying to eat healthy. Now, I wonder if it's necessary. I'll probably still take it, on the theory that it probably isn't hurting me and might have some minor benefit.

    But I think I'll test going of the glucosamine/chondroitin supplement at the end of the current bottle. I started taking it because my knees hurt, and it helped; but I weigh a lot less now, and it might not be necessary. It's about time to find out.
    1858 days ago
    "Jury is still out" for sure, for me. I do supplement, but prefer to eat the nutrients I need. But calorie restricted, it's hard to get it all in. So supplement I shall.
    1858 days ago
    I have always chosen a vitamin based on what I'm eating and not eating and what my lab result tests indicate as low. I've always stay away from fortified foods thinking it wasn't natural to eat something that had an additive. Now that I have stopped to think about it isn't it just a vitamin in a different form?
    1858 days ago
    I've known personally the benefits of vit b for most of my life - my eye ear throat and nose doc prescribed it for me when I was in gr 2 when he noticed a deep crack in my lip in winter that would never go away. He said "she's lacking vit b" and within a few days of taking it the crack healed right up. I had to do that every winter until I better balanced my vit b intake naturally. I've since used combinations to help with skin, nerves and energy.

    I personally try to get as many nutrients "naturally" and stay away from pills and fortified as much as I realistically can. It takes a little more work to do it naturally, but I really do feel that I feel better when I do it that way. Maybe it's all in my head, but I figure if it works, I won't knock it.
    1858 days ago
    I sahre your confusion. I use a "natural " multivitamin, mainly because it doesn't make me nauseous like many others do.
    1858 days ago
    Food fortification really took off when children were regularly getting rickets (caused by a vitamin D deficiency). So the governments of Canada and the US decided to have milk fortified with vitamin D -- an essential vitamin needed to process Calcium which is often missing from citizens living further from the equator where there is less sun.

    Now a lot of foods are fortified because people don't eat a wide enough variety of foods to get all of the things they need.

    The problem with getting ALL of your nutrients from a vitamin is that some nutrients impede the absorption of others (it is very difficult for the body to absorbe phosporus and magnesium at the same time), and some are absoultely necessary for the absorption of others (ex: you need Vitamin C in order to absorbe Iron).

    You can get too much of come vitamins, but generally eating a well-balanced diet and taking a multivitamin won't hurt. Taking high doses of anything without a nutritionist's supervision is generally a bad idea (a lot of people pop vitamin C suppliments like they're candy: sure, it won't reach toxic levels in your body, but you body will learn to flush it out so that when you do need it, you'll need to consume more to get an adequate supply).

    Hope that helps! A lot of internet sources can be dubious, so if you're really concerned, I would speak to a nutritionist or a dietition. Most physicians aren't adequately trained in nutrition, but they can guide you to a reliable source. For heaven's sake, please don't consult someone in holistic medicine for nutritional information: some of them have good information, but many use it as a money grab and use "sensitivity tests" to ID "allergins" and then put people on expensive and unnecessary fad diets. Allergies should be discussed with specialists. *sorry for the mini-rant!*
    1858 days ago
  • EOWYN2424
    I think it's best to just get our nutrients from our food.
    1858 days ago
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