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What keeps you going, even after you fall off the wagon, hit a wall, overeat on your program, get st

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I found a bunch of weight loss writing prompts for keeping a Journal. I thought I would share my first one with everyone.

they are all posted below for your use...


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What keeps you going, even after you fall off the wagon, hit a wall, overeat on your program, get stuck at a plateau, etc.?

I try to remember that I am doing this for my health. I also know that I will overeat some days and that is okay as long as I get right back to the program and eat healthy. In addition, I am planning one cheat meal or snack per week. This way I get those foods I may be craving and are less likely to binge. A plateau can zap my willpower. I hit one right after I lost 100 pounds. It was hard to get through and I finally got back on track. I was working at a daycare that was causing problems with my goals. I had to eat dinner later due to my work hours and could not eat in front of the kids. Therefore, my smaller meals were not happening. By the time, I got home at 7pm I was starving because I ate lunch at 11:30 to make it to work on time. Not eating for several hours caused me to get very hungry. Once leaving that stressful job, I was able to exercise more. I had more mental and physical strength. The job wore down my self-esteem too. I have fallen off the wagon but I do need to always get back on and keep going. I have been at this lifestyle for over a year now and I know I can do this. It may take longer than I wanted but it will happen!

Last night I fell off and today I will dust myself off, eat better and exercise to work off the extra calories. I dont see the exercise as a punishment for overeating but a tool to help me feel better. I like the exercise and feel I can exercise daily for the rest of my life (with one rest day a week to heal and recover)

the rest of the prompts are here:

How well do you stick to your program on weekends? What are your tips or strategies for staying on program during unstructured days?

Weight loss can be a bizarre experience sometimes. What's the craziest excuse you've made for getting "off the wagon"? What's the most outrageous comment you've received about your weight loss? What's the goofiest diet tip you've received? What's the weirdest weigh-in ritual you've heard about or done?

Is your weight keeping you from reaching your goals in life? Do you think you're putting your life on hold because you want to lose weight first?

What do you think about while you exercise?

Do you often go to the store with the best intentions not to buy junk food, but when you get to the car, your bags are full them? Do you stick to a list? Do you go hungry? Do you avoid the "impulse" aisles? Do you have a secret to staying on course with your weekly shopping trip?

Where do you think you would be right now had you been a healthy weight your entire life? The same place, in the same relationships, with the same life experiences? Or in a completely different life? Will losing weight change your life situation?

Do you ever find yourself judging someone else who is overweight? Are you ever distracted by or condescending towards someone who is 100+ pounds overweight? How do you feel when you see a morbidly obese person at a buffet or restaurant?

People say that losing weight too quickly can be damaging for your health and your long-term success, why? There are many merits to a slow and steady weight-loss, what are the biggest ones for you?

Have you ever been discriminated against because of your weight? What opportunities have you missed out on because of your size?

How do you measure success? Has your idea of success changed since you made the decision to become healthier?

Are your newfound healthy eating habits affecting your food budget plan? Is that good or bad? Which is cheaper, processed foods or whole-form foods? Do you find that you're spending more or less money on food since starting your weight-loss journey?

Write a childhood memory journal entry about an incident related to your weight or your body shape.

Describe your eating habits at mealtime. Do you think you need to change them in order to lose weight and get healthy? Where do you usually eat? Health experts are telling us not to eat in front of TV. Why?

What makes you feel good about yourself and what makes you feel proud? What kinds of situations make you feel comfortable?

What is your ideal goal weight? How many pounds do you need to lose in order to reach your goal weight? Do you think your goal weight is realistic enough for your age and your body frame? Why?

Exercise, and diet "buddies" can be really helpful, but too much dependence can also sabotage your routine. How have friends hindered your weight loss success in the past, and what do you do to overcome those obstacles?

Are you a stress eater? What constitutes it? Since starting your weight loss journey, have you learned to deal with stress in a nonfood way? If so, how?

Do you plan to have/would you consider having plastic/cosmetic surgery once you arrive at your weight goal?

Diet blogs are in the news. Three questions come to mind. Why are there such a proliferation of diet blogs on the Internet? Why do a large percentage of diet blogs disappear into cyberspace and never to return ever again? Why do we rarely see one achieve her or his goal weight while in *active blogging status*?

How often do you weigh? Does the number on the scale matter? Why or why not? Do you have any other methods of measuring your weight loss?

List 3 likes and 3 dislikes about losing weight.

Do you eat breakfast? What do you usually have for breakfast? People are always saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Is it vital to your weight loss program? Why or why not?

Do you have kids? Write an entry about how being a mother or father affect your weight loss program, both positively and negatively.

Are you logging in all your food in a diary? Do you enjoy jotting down every bite you eat or are you having trouble being consistent? Do you think keeping a food diary is the key to successful weight loss? Why or why not?

What kind of clothes do you normally wear every day? What is your favorite piece of clothing? What piece of clothing do you avoid the most? Why? Do your weight issues influence the way you shop? Are you a clotheshorse, or do you only shop when you need a clothing item?

As you think about or approach your weight goal, what is your biggest fear? Do you have other concerns? Elaborate.

Now that summer has started (at least in some areas), what are your thoughts and feelings about wearing a bathing suit? Have you purchased it yet? If so, what does it look like? Where did you buy it? How did you feel when you bought it? Do you have a pool where you live and do you plan to use it regularly?

Are fresh vegetables and fruits on your food plan? How many servings do you consume every day? Do you think you're eating enough? We know how vital vegetables and fruits are to our weight loss program, yet we have a hard time getting in all our recommended amounts in. Why? Were they part of your diet as a kid? Any tip or trick on getting all our vegetables and fruits in?

What was the latest weight loss- or fitness-related book you've read? Do a book review. Did you like it? Why or why not? List a few favorite such books.

What comments have you gotten from romantic partners/spouses about your body size? How did you respond? And how did their attitude affect your relationship?

What role did your mother have in your feelings about yourself and your shape? Grandmother? Aunt? What were the older women like as role models for you as a child? What older women are role models for you now?

Have you ever experienced discrimination for being the size you are? Describe what happened.

The size of an airplane seat is always an issue with overweight passengers. Write about your recent airplane ride. Was it a positive or negative experience?

You have a lot to be grateful for as you lose weight, become active and feel good about yourself. Write a gratitude journal entry.

Do you eat out? How often? Are you able to select healthy choices or are you easily overwhelmed or intimidated by the food menu? What are your strategies for staying OP if you're having a meal outside your usual parameters (at home, at work)?

Did you take any PE (physical education) class when you were in school? Did you enjoy it? Were you athletically inclined? Have you ever participated in a team sport? In an individual sport? What sports have you tried, and what sport would you like to try/learn? Do you enjoy/are you easily inspired from watching sports?

What are your food triggers? How/why do they trigger your cravings? What do you do with them when you're on a weight loss you modify their recipes or eliminate them from your food plan altogether?

People are encouraged to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day for optimum health. For people who are on weight loss programs, especially those who prefer to drink soda or coffee, incorporating water intake can be difficult or painful during the transition to a healthy lifestyle. How do you get all eight glasses into you? Share a favorite tip or trick. Since starting drinking water regularly, have you noticed any significant changes in your body or mood?

Do you suffer from poor body image, low self-esteem or depression due to your weight? What are you doing to heal yourself? How do you maintain a positive outlook or attitude?

When was your last shopping trip for a clothing item? What was it? Was the shopping trip a positive or negative experience? Describe in details your thoughts and feelings as you purchased this item.

Write about your epiphany. What was your "aha!" moment? What prompted you to begin your weight loss journey?

Among many online weight loss journalers, rewarding themselves for meeting goals is a big part of their weight loss journey. Does planning a reward really work for you? Is it for your short-term or long-term goal? What are the rewards you usually give yourself? Is it a good idea to reward yourself with food? Why or why not? What's your ultimate reward for when you meet your goal weight?

With the holiday season (Halloween to New Year's Day) fast approaching, what are your plans and strategies for protecting your weight loss program and preventing slips and pitfalls? Do you have any favorite holiday tips?

How many sizes of clothes do you have in your closet and drawers? How do your "thin clothes" make you feel? Why do you keep your "fat clothes?" What would happen if you gave away every single piece of clothing that didn't fit you? Are you willing to do it?

Now that you're on a weight loss program, what's it like being with your loved ones? With your co-workers? Are you getting any support from them or are they giving you a hard time? Do you find losing weight easier if you have the support of others or do you prefer to keep your weight loss efforts private?

Name 10 good things about yourself.

Is exercise part of your weight loss program? If so, what exercises do you do? Do you exercise at home or at a health club? How often and how long? How do you feel after a workout? Do you love it or hate it? Are you at peace with your exercise program? Are you also at peace with knowing that you have to exercise for the rest of your life?

What was your childhood like? Were you thin or obese? Did obesity run in your family? How were you treated by your family, your friends, your classmates? What were your feelings and thoughts as you dealed with obesity as a child?

List 10 reasons why you want to lose weight. Which one is the most compelling and why?

You are on a diet and all food begins to talk to you. Of course, all the bad for you food sounds really charismatic while the diet food sounds like that date you want to leave at the restaurant. How do you deal with this awesome sounding but awful for you food?

You have lost the weight you've always dreamed of! Now what? Talk about how you're going to keep it off and live the life you want to live.

Detail using much description the eating of a plate of vegetables and brown rice versus your favorite meal ever.

Talk about your experiences with a weight-loss group like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. If you have never met with one of these groups, just make it up and see what happens. Talk about the first meeting, and the progression of good or bad advice that's given out.

Imagine that you have somehow gained superstardom and financial freedom. You hire a nutritionist, a trainer, and an herbalist to get you in super great shape. How does the first month of this new guided diet and exercise plan go?

You know that point in a diet where pretty much all food other than what you're eating looks fantastic? Detail a day in the life of a person who is going through that point.
You and your friends are holding an intervention for a chronic over-dieter. How does it go and what do you guys tell the person about his or her habits?

If you are thinking of starting a diet, write down here a plan and a story of how your first week would go. Try to make it a comedy instead of a tragedy if you actually want to follow the diet :).

You have been given the ability to instill extreme nutritional value into any food you wish. Which foods do you alter and what are their new properties after you change them?

You have lost the weight you've always dreamed of! Now what? Talk about how you're going to keep it off and live the life you want to live.


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GIRLONFIRE1979 8/29/2012 1:57PM

    i'm definitely going to take a closer look at this this weekend and try to journal as well. thanks Karen!

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NATPLUMMER 8/22/2012 8:48PM


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JANDK156 8/22/2012 5:14PM

    Next time you feel weak, call or text me, girl!

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DENNETJ 8/22/2012 2:13PM

    I needed to see this today to get myself thinking on the right track today.

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JESSYVIRGINY 8/22/2012 1:52PM

    emoticon very interesting Karen. and very useful. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JSFOSTER1 8/22/2012 9:28AM

    Thank you so much for sharing! I read the article about keeping a journal, but didn't really know how to start. I've copied these into a file to use when I get stuck! Thank you!

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KARENDEE4 8/22/2012 9:20AM

    I added the rest of the writing prompts to the bottom of my blog...

I hope others find them helpful!


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    Great attitude and after all it is you attitude and not your aptitude that determines your altitude.

Make today a great day.

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CLRWILLIAMS25 8/22/2012 9:04AM

    Could you post the writing prompts? They would be interesting to see/ use.

It is so much better to have a job that is flexible enough for you to eat when you are supposed to, especially if you're on your feet all day! I always have an afternoon snack at work and I also go for a 1 mile walk after lunch.
Also, congrats on your progress thus far!

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ELRIDDICK 8/22/2012 9:03AM

  Thanks for sharing

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