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Hot Damn, where did all this motivation come from!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Today I have been wanting to do nothing but work out. I dont know why but I feel weird not doing it. Im usually not this way. I usually don't want to work out at all! I've done a bit of stuff today, some form of crunches and some form of lthat I found on pinterest that works the obliques. I like them better than regular pushups. :) Went running shorting after I posted my last blog, and I dont know, but I feel like I could go again. Also, I haven't ate a lot today, havn't en that hungry today at all. Maybe its because I am working out and therefore I'm not bored and therefore not just hungry because I'm bored. Maybe thats why I want to work out. I get bored and my body is telling me to do something, but dont eat... Sorry if thats a bit confusing.

I feel good though, tired and wore out but Im pretty good. I'm happy and I feel motivated. I don't know what brough it on, I havent been this motivated in a while! I like it. I guess I really did get tired of being fat and having so many complications. I do have a hard time breathing, especially when I lay down to sleep at night, and Im so tired of being so winded just walking up and down my stairs. Today when I was running and also yesterday, I was so happy. I'm a slow runner, but that'll change. I can't run that far, but that'll change. I can run a block and walk a block, some I can even run 2 blocks and walk just one. It's an accomplishment. I forget that I actually like running. I regret not being in track in highschool. I think the things I wouldv'e learned there would have helped me tremendously! I forget that I also loved doing pushups, in highschool, as a freshman at Joliet West Highschool I was in ROTC (I forgot if I mentioned that before) but one of the things I loved doing was pushups. Maybe because I could actually do them. We did four count, let me know if you know what that is. Im thinking of staying at moms again this week and working out with her and my brother. Maybe I can have her video tape me doing a four count pushup and show you guys if you're unsure about it. Also I can also show you guys what other stuff I've been doing (since I dont know the names of them) but most of them hits the obliques. :)

By the way, my obliques are killing me!! :D Im happy about it because I know Ill have a stronger core in no time!
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