Genius Ways to Torch 100 Calories

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Genius Ways to Torch 100 Calories

Less Than 5 Minutes

• Chop wood continuously for 4 minutes, 22 seconds.
• Run a 5-minute mile. (You'll have burned 100 by 4 minutes, 30 seconds.)
• Jump on a stationary bike and ride it at a pace of 20 mph for 4 minutes, 52 seconds.

Less Than 10 Minutes

• Hum the theme song to Rocky as you skip rope for 9 minutes, 30 seconds.
• Hike the great outdoors with at least 22 pounds in your backpack for 9 minutes, 15 seconds.
• Play racquetball for 7 minutes, 17 seconds.
• Swim a few laps using your favorite stroke (back, breast, or butterfly) for 8 minutes or less, depending on the stroke.
• Travel underwater instead of on top of it to burn calories even faster: Scuba dive for 7 minutes, 11 seconds.
• Hit a few on the tennis court: Play for 9 minutes.

Less Than 15 Minutes

• Ski down an advanced slope.
• Tread water for 14 minutes, 30 seconds.
• Snorkel in a pool, and kick at a moderate pace (14 minutes, 5 seconds).
• Use a stationary rower for 11 minutes.
• Hit the weights for 13 minutes.
• Take an intense aerobics class and enjoy the scenery for 11 minutes, 8 seconds.
• Walk uphill for 13 minutes.

Playing Professional Sports

• Face LeBron James on the court for 9 minutes.
• Go two rounds with Georges St. Pierre. (Don't think you could survive that long? No problem. Lying unconscious for 1 1/2 hours will also burn the same amount.)
• Carry Phil Mickelson's bags for two holes.
• Throw fastballs to the Chicago Cubs for two innings (14 minutes on the mound).
• Play half a period of professional hockey. (Lose calories and teeth at the same time!)
• Bowl 10 frames. (You may not bowl 300, but you'll burn 100.)
• Throw long passes while avoiding the Pittsburgh Steelers' defense for 10 minutes.
• Shoot foul shots: 207 shots at 12 shots per minute = 100 calories.

During a Romantic Evening

• Woo her with a 33-minute melody on the piano.
• Slow dance through seven songs (about 26 minutes).
• Give her a full-body massage for 19 minutes, 30 seconds.
• Shower her with 9,240 mini-kisses all over her body.
• Sweep her off her feet and carry her up to the bedroom. (This only works if your bedroom's on the 13th floor. If not, you burn 8 calories per flight of stairs, so walk her around a bit.)
• Make love for about an hour. (Then again, if you can accomplish this on a regular basis, chances are she doesn't care how fat you are.)
• Make breakfast in bed for her the next morning. (Includes cooking for 20 minutes, serving it to her, and, yes, doing the dishes.)

Without Moving a Muscle

• Stand in line for U2 tickets for 65 minutes.
• Watch 2 1/2 back-to-back episodes of Seinfeld reruns (four episodes if you have them on DVD).
• Get stuck in traffic for almost an hour.
• Sip ice water all day long. Eight 16-ounce glasses of ice water raises your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories) and burns an extra 100 calories.

Working Around Your House

• Paint the house or clean the gutters for 16 minutes.
• Rake leaves for 20 minutes.
• Push mow the lawn for 14 minutes.
• Wash and wax the station wagon for about 18 minutes.
• Shovel snow for 12 minutes, or use the snowblower for 17 minutes.
• Stack firewood for 15 minutes.
• Move boxes to the attic for 10 minutes.
• Putter around the garden for a little more than 17 minutes.

Spending Time with the Boys

• Play power pool. (You'll need to shoot 10 racks at an average of 3 minutes a game.)
• Shoot some darts—four games of countdown 301 or one game of cricket.
• Play 13 hands of poker.
• Restore your buddy's classic T-Bird for 18 minutes.

You are the company you keep.

At Your Desk Job

• Push a pencil for 45 minutes.
• Walk back and forth to the copier for 26 minutes.
• Type on your computer for 48 minutes.
• Talk up a client for 52 minutes.

Doing the Same Thing Over and Over

• Do 97 pushups (at 10 pushups a minute).
• Do 146 crunches (at 15 crunches a minute).
• Play the nickel slots in Reno 234 times (or $11.70 worth).
• Putt 156 golf balls (at 6 putts a minute).

Acting Out Scenes From Your Favorite Films

• Grab a golf club and make like a swashbuckling Errol Flynn. You'll burn 100 big ones in just 8 minutes, 30 seconds (and probably break every lamp in the house).
• Groove like Travolta during a dance contest scene (Disco John in Saturday Night Fever: 14 minutes; '90s John in Pulp Fiction: 18 minutes).
• Hit the open road like Peter Fonda in Easy Rider: for 32 minutes.
• Reenact the climax of any martial arts movie: roughly 8 minutes.
• Defend America's pride during the Olympic table tennis scene in Forrest Gump: for roughly 10 minutes.
• Stand in front of the mirror and repeat "You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?" 519 times.

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

• Chop down five Christmas trees. (You could have a tree in every room of the house, or be generous and volunteer to do the honors for your friends and extended family.)
• Spend half an hour putting up lights outside the house.
• Roast chestnuts on an open fire (31 minutes).
• Help the kids build a snowman for 26 minutes.
• Save your Christmas shopping for the last minute: Walking briskly through a mall with a stack of packages will burn through 100 calories in just more than 19 minutes.
• Wrap 21 of those gifts when you get home.

Being Politically Correct

• Plant two medium-size trees.
• Ride your bike to work (21 minutes at a leisurely pace).
• March in a protest of your choice for 10 minutes. (Carrying a sign or placard will burn even more calories.)
• Crush 623 cans for recycling.
• Volunteer to pick up trash along the highway for 19 minutes, 30 seconds.

Living the Good Life

• Man a sailboat for 26 minutes.
• Wade in a heavy current while fishing for more than 12 minutes. (Don't worry if you're no good at fishing; rescuing your line from a tree is good for a quick 100 every 16 minutes.)
• Fly your private plane for 38 minutes 30 seconds.
• Read the financial section for an hour.
• Stack $560,000 worth of $100 bills into 56 piles of $10,000 each.

Being a Good Father

• Pretend to be the bogeyman and chase a kid around for 16 minutes.
• Push your child in a stroller for 30 minutes.
• Play dodgeball or hopscotch with your children for about 15 minutes.
• Change 52 diapers.
• Dress up as Barney and greet birthday party guests for 20 minutes.
• Iron 7 shirts.
• Ice-skate with the family for 12 minutes.
• Tap your foot 9,351 times.

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