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An evening of JERKS

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jerk #1 - we came to the hotel on Wed. afternoon, and ate at the outdoor restaurant that evening. There was a jerk who was smoking at his table, despite VI code/regulations/law and a clearly marked smoking area (and nonsmoking elsewhere). DH went over and pointed out the smoking area, explained that I'm allergic, and could he move. Jerk #1 proceeded to yell, carry on, and for the rest of the evening insisted on smoking at his table. Even when we said something to the waiter/bartender, he said nothing to the Jerk.

Tonight, we went there again for a quick dinner (so DH could watch the Yankees) - Jerk #1 saw us, looked right at me, pulled out a cigarette and lit up. I walked back to the parking area, DH asked what was going on. I explained what Jerk #1 did - very deliberately lit up at his table while looking at me, just challenging me to say something. Bartender went over and talked to him, apparently didn't tell him to move. JERK!!!!! Note: Jerk #1 told DH that he's a respiratory therapist, and he knows all about allergies - uh, does he not tell his patients to stay out of the way of idiots who blow smoke at them???

Jerk #2 - So we decide we'll just go somewhere else. I back out of the parking area, and start down the narrow road (in my tiny Yaris). A big SUV comes racing into the property, up the road, and stops INCHES from the front of my car, yelling at me that I'm in the middle of the road. (Obviously so is she, since she's directly in front of me.) I pull about 2 inches to the left (we drive on the left) and yell okay, I'm on the left edge of the road (because I was). She then pulls around me, screams "Drive on the left" and speeds on down the road. Uh, if you are directly in front of me and I'm 2 inches from the left edge of the road, who is in the middle of the road???? JERK!!!!

Okay, I will NOT eat chocolate tonight!
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