Get Over Yourself Kevin. Sheesh!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Okay, time for some out and out bragging. It's a difficult journey and I've earned some bragging rights.

This week I experienced a decent drop in poundage. I weighed in this morning at 163.4 so that's two pounds this week so yay! My starting weight was 185 so that's a total of 21.6 pounds in 2 months which averages 2.7 lbs. a week. That's actually losing a little bit quicker than I want to so instead of aiming for the low end of my calorie range recommended, this week I will aim more towards the middle.

I do measurements once a month and today is that day. I measure waist, hips, and thigh. Since I started measuring on June 24th, here are the changes:
Waist 43.5 to 39.5
Hips 40.5 to 38
Thigh 24 to 22
So that's 8 1/2" gone, never to be seen again!!

That makes me very happy!
Last week one of my coworkers commented on my weight loss. This was the first person who has either noticed or else the first to mention it. Now he has seen me drop weight before when I did Weight Watchers Online, so he says to me, "Kevin, I see you are losing weight. So what is different this time so you don't go right back and put it all back on again?" I'm really glad he asked because I do believe in a bit of shame factor. I mean just that bit of embarrassment, that a coworker noticed that I put it all back on again, is motivating in and of itself for me. I told him about SparkPeople and how (unlike WWOnline) it is free and how they have Maintenance Teams that you can join even after you lose the wait to keep you on track.

I said when I started this SparkPeople journey that losing the weight is not the hardest part for me. The hardest part is maintenance but I swear, I'm not going back.
I feel too darned good right now!

I'm doin' the Happy Dance!
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